Blow TYME Hair Dryer



The best technology in hair dryers has arrived!  BlowTYME is designed to fix everything that's traditionally wrong with hair dryers (noise, weight, power - we're looking at you!).  This dryer sounds like it's on low when it's on high, so the only thing you'll be waking up in the morning is your hair!  BlowTYME weighs in at 15.5oz which is slightly more than a can of pop, so you'll never feel like your arm is going to fall off while drying your hair! Don't let the weight and size fool you, BlowTYME has ample power to dry your hair in no tyme!

Two speed settings and three heat settings plus a cool shot allow for quick drying.  The ionic and ceramic technologies dry your hair from the inside out, laying down the cuticles and leaving your hair feeling silky and shiny.  And with a motor that has 12,000 hours of solid run-tyme (4x longer than comparably priced models), this is the last blow dryer you'll ever need.


  • 1-year warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Free one-on-one StyleTYME session


  • Very Quiet: When it's on high, it sounds like it's on low!
  • Lightweight: 15.5 oz; less than a pound!
  • Long-Lasting: 12,000 Hours; 4 times longer than comparable dryers!
  • Airflow: Professional-Grade Power: (17.5m/s High:14 m/s Low); it will blow your hair straight up in the air!
  • 9ft, professional-quality power cord
  • Single 120v (dual voltage not available due to safety concerns)
  • Complimentary concentrator and diffuser included
  • 1650-watt BLDC Motor (Brushless DC Motor), equivalent to a 2000-watt traditional motor.  Brushless motors do NOT create toxic iron powder, small particles of iron that are blown onto the hair. To each their own, but we didn't want that!