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Clutches and Wallets


TYME Sinfully Gold Clutch
Elevate your look, transform your system.
Pregame Hair Shampoo
Wash less, expect more.
One iron. Endless possibilities.
TYME Notoriously White Clutch
One Clutch, 3 Ways!
BlowTYME Hair Dryer
Quiet, light, powerful...beautiful.


Showoff Hair Conditioner
Volume & shine that last for days!
TYME Midnight Brown Clutch
Take it from day to (mid)night.
TYME 3-inch Round Hair Brush
Not your Grandma's round brush.
Get one, get them all.
Upstaged Thermal Protectant
Volume, hold, shine, and thermal protection!
TYME Essentials Sinfully Gold Wallet
Vertical card system!
TYME Triangle Hair Brush
Big volume for short hair.
TYMELESS Repair & Shine
Defend. Restore. Maintain.
Full ZipTYME Bag
Functional...and pretty too.
TYME Essentials Notoriously White Wallet
One system fits essentials!
TYME Paddle Hair Brush
Your new go to brush.
SelfieTYME Hairspray
Memory, body, and hold!
Half ZipTYME Bag
How do you live without it?
TYME Essentials Midnight Brown Wallet
The struggle is gone!
SelfieTYME Travel Size Hairspray
Memory, body, and hold...mini!
Quarter ZipTYME Bag
Our portable small zipper bag.
Travel Size Shampoo and Conditioner
Your favorite travel companions...minified!
TYME Essentials Plus Sinfully Gold Wallet
Money, Coins, & Cards!