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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

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Get a jump on your holiday shopping with this made-simple gift guide. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for your bestie or trying to find something for your know-it-all niece, we’re sure you’ll find something in our TYME collection. 

For the Girl Who Has It All Figured Out 

We understand that this is probably the most complicated person to shop for on your list. Get them something they wouldn’t expect like BlowTYME. This powerful blow dryer comes with both a concentrator and diffuser, plus has a cool dry setting that gives any user the opportunity to reduce heat damage. For the holidays this hair dryer comes with a free 3-inch round brush and BigTYME Root Lift powder. Hello perfect blowout? 

Shop BlowTYME Hair Dryer + FREE 3-inch Round Brush & Root Lift Powder

The TYME Iron Pro heat styling tool displayed next to SelfieTYME hairspray and BigTYME Root Lift powder.

For the self-proclaimed “workaholic” 

Give your friend who is career focused the gift of efficiency. The TYME Iron Pro allows you to style your entire head of hair in a fraction of the time.  Match that power with the long-lasting styling power of our workable SelfieTYME Hairspray and BigTYME Root Lift powder and they’ll feel like an absolute BOSS. Who knows this time saving kit may actually score you a few more hangs in 2022. 

Shop TYME Iron Pro + FREE HairSpray & Root Lift Spray

TYME Brand Power Couple shampoo and conditioner duo sitting next to Upstaged thermal protectant, TYMELESS repair and shine spray, and orange hued flowers.

For the girl who deserves some TLC 

We all have those people in our lives who are constant givers. They dote on their family and friends but barely take time for themselves. Give them the opportunity to truly care for themselves. A haircare set that allows them to take a task off their mind will be absolutely appreciated. Toss in the shampoo brush for an extra dose of relaxation that will also have her scalp and roots feeling incredible! 

Shop the Hair Care Set 

For the bougie girl in your circle

We all know that any secret santa with her in it has a dollar minimum. Exceed her expectations with the TYME Iron Pro and BlowTYME Hair Dryer. She definitely won’t expect it and you’ll completely change her morning routine. Trust us, she’ll be indebted to you.  

Shop TYME Iron Pro + BlowTYME Hair Dryer 

A matte black TYME Iron Pro and matte black paddle hair brush balanced against a black product box.

For the Impossible to Shop for Teen

Chances are they’re pretty apathetic to any gift that comes their way, but not this one. The TYME Iron Pro Obsidian and its matching matte black paddle brush area stunning pair. Adding these tools to their routine collection will keep them looking glamorous for years on end. 

Shop TYME Iron Pro Obsidian + FREE Obsidian Paddle Brush 

The TYME Iron Pro, rose gold paddle hair brush, and Upstaged Thermal Protectant resting on a vanity.

For Your Absolute Bestie

We all know that our best friends get special treatment around the holidays, so why not treat them to a brand new trio of products that will transform their hair. The TYME Iron Pro matched with our wonder product Upstaged Thermal Protectant will give her effortless, gorgeous curls. Top it off with paddle brush for a moment of spa-like haircare and see your bestie flourish. 

Shop TYME Iron Pro + FREE Paddle Brush and Thermal Protectant

A female hand modeling a black hair dryer brush.

For the Girl Who is Already Obsessed with her TYME Iron: 

Change her life (again) with the brand new BlowBrush! This powerful tool puts together the capabilities of an impressive hair dryer with the styling control of a round brush. If she loves how much time she saves curling with her TYME Iron, she’s going to freak out over the time she saves drying with the BlowBrush. 

Shop BlowBrush

A rose gold, trial-sized set of TYME brand hairspray, shampoo and conditioner duo, and thermal protectant.

For the Girl Who is Obsessed with her Skin Care Routine: 

If she has already invested in a multi-step skin care routine, chances are she’s on the hunt for an inclusive hair care routine, too. Start her obsession with TYME on a trial level. Our 30-day hair care kit gives each user the perfect amount of product to transform their hair in a 30-day trial period. Impress her even more by pairing this kit with a shampoo brush. Luxurious locks are in her future. 

Shop 30-day Kit


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