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A Dynamic Duo: BlowTYME + Triangle Brush

A Dynamic Duo: BlowTYME + Triangle Brush

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The TYME Launch of the Triangle Brush in 2017, turned some heads. Making round shapes with a triangular brush seemed impossible, but that's our thing: making the impossible entirely possible.

"I created the TYME Triangle Brush to help women grab their hair from the root for voluminous looks. The non-slip grip makes it easy to hold and use on yourself or others. Unlike some other brushes, this brush doesn't need boar bristles. The triangular shape of this brush creates natural tensions so it can pick up even the shortest and finest of hairs."
- TYME CEO Jacynda Smith.

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We're expanding the beauty industry's geometric possibilities with the triangle brush ;) This little three-sided wonder puts salon detailing into your at-home blowout by giving users complete control over the outcome. With the proper airflow distribution, the Triangle Brush creates strategically placed bends precisely where you want them and even takes your blowouts from big and voluminous to soft and beachy.

Matching that styling capability with a top-tier hair dryer brought these styles to another level. The BlowTYME Hair Dryer and Triangle Brush bring movement and serious volume to unsuspecting hair types and lengths.

For Pixie Cuts

a hairstylist giving a woman with a pixie style hair cut a blowout with a triangle shaped brush and blowdryer

With short haircuts trending, the triangle brush lends itself to organic-feeling blowouts and incredible-looking hair on day one. Get more volume and dimension in your cut using the Triangle Brush instead of a round brush.

For Curtain Bangs

We're sure you're aware, but the glory of a curtain bang starts with the bend. Curtain bangs open up your favorite feature of your face, so getting the perfect bend is critical. The Triangle Brush and BlowTYME Hair Dryer duo work to not only perfectly place your curtain bang bend, but the cool-shot feature helps lock that bend into place.

For Volume at the Root

a woman with red hair using a triangle shaped brush and blowdryer to create dramatic volume near the roots of her hair.

Fine-haired ladies, this is your sign that Triangle Brush needs to be added to your list of go-to tools. While round brushes are great for building body throughout the bulk of your hair, the Triangle Brush exceeds expectations at the root. Use the bristles to grab your locks right at the root and a point of the triangle to create tension for your blow dryer to lock into place.

Refining at the Root

Whether it's baby hair, sleeping too hard, or going hard in the gym, our face-framing pieces need a little refresher on day two+. Use the Triangle Brush to grab onto those hairs, and use your blowdryer to tame these pieces so you can feel your best and keep your hairstyle thriving throughout the week.

How to use the dynamic duo on different hair types:

Curly Hair

Use the Triangle Brush + BlowTYME Hair Dryer on blowout days to quickly smooth your hair right at the roots. OR smooth out your baby hairs before laying your edges.

Wavy Hair

Enhance a few of your natural waves by strategically placing a few extra bends throughout your hair.

Straight Hair

Give your face-framing pieces a lived-in look with a soft bend near your cheeks.

Short Hair

Who said blowouts were for long hair? You've just unlocked a new style opportunity!

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