Mane Assets Kit with white TYME Iron Pro and white paddle brush

Being The Author Of Your Life: Exclusive Product Launch With Rodan + Fields

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“Beauty routine” has a vast reach. It can encompass everything from the clothes you wear to the mascara on your eyelashes and even the hairspray holding your look together. While the perfect beauty routine doesn’t exist and certainly cannot apply to everyone, finding your beauty routine, and everything it encompasses will get you one step closer to truly owning your life.

woman curling hair with TYME Iron

Looking good should not be a chore you add to your day. It should feel second nature and fit within what we can only assume is a hectic schedule. Building confidence is a cornerstone of the TYME brand. Getting the opportunity to help women create looks that make them feel fabulous drives our company. Giving our customers a tool that creates these looks in a fraction of the time helps us drive a culture. That’s why we at TYME have intentionally partnered with Rodan + Fields. Not only do their core values of taking the guesswork out of beauty and promoting personal confidence align greatly with ours, but their products are truly easy to use and completely life-changing.

Blonde hair flipping

TYME X Rodan + Fields exclusive Mane Assets Kit is designed to give you everything you need to create the stunning hairstyles you've always dreamed of, in a limited edition, stunning, white and grey R+F branded colors.

Developing a beauty routine that empowers you, serves you, and puts you at the center of your day is life-changing, but where do you start? The answer is simple: small. By implementing small healthy habits, you can change your perspective on beauty almost instantly. Here are our top recommended habits to start developing your beauty routine.

beautiful TYME Iron curls

STOP washing your hair every day.

We know this sounds crazy, but seriously stop. Your hair can easily be trained to last days (some of us at TYME go 10+) without a wash. Not only will you be saving yourself a crazy amount of time, but your hair will thank you. Think of all the things you could get done in the time you spend blow-drying, curling, and thinking of how to style your hair. SO MANY THINGS! Lengthening your wash cycle will give you the power and time to spend time doing the things you love.


Once your hair is trained to last longer in between washes, your hairstyles will last longer, too. We’re talking curls for actual days. ;)

START washing your face every day.

Implementing even just a two-step skincare routine, like washing and moisturizing, will completely change how you look at your skin. Once you notice those little changes, you’ll start to take stock of what's important to you, and eventually, you’ll grow that routine. PLUS, in the future, you will bow down in praise. Do it for her. She needs you on her team.


Your body loves a lot. Start keeping a water bottle with you at all times.

Plan your outfit the night before.

This sounds a little juvenile, but think about it from this perspective: you start your day with a base level of responsibility or for some of our anxiety - eat three meals, do a good job at work, don’t drive through a stop sign, etc. By planning your outfit the night before, you are already checking a box for the day. Why not do it when you’re comfortable and confident in your home, instead of when you’re thinking about rushing out the door? Use this as an opportunity to set your intentions for tomorrow.

Take time for reflection.

This one is our top recommendation! Think about YOUR day. More often than not, our schedules are so packed with must do’s and deadlines that we forget to reflect on how our schedules are impacting us, or even how we are impacting our schedules. Taking the time to review the day, even if it’s just for five minutes before you fall asleep, is an excellent way to start putting yourself first.

You are a powerful, accomplished individual. Start treating yourself that way. You deserve it, so much. rhodan