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Introducing Uplift Bands And Our Favorite Styles To Use Them In

Introducing Uplift Bands And Our Favorite Styles To Use Them In

Uplift Bands are TYME’s hair ties with intention! The comfort-wear hair ties provide a strong hold for any hair type without tension. The bubbled design of the hair ties make them a functional accessory you'll love on your wrist as much as in your hair. You can even stack them to share!

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Whether you need an up-do on the go or are starting your day with one, Uplift Bands are the functional accessory you’ve been waiting for. Here are our favorite looks to use our new favorite hair ties with:

The Minimalist Bun

The "model bun" is a quick and easy way to approach the day with an "It-girl" attitude. The lowkey look takes just a touch of hairspray and one Uplift Band to come together.

The Effortless Low Pony

The low pony is an easy go-to! Uplift Bands can have a stronghold with 3 wraps, but pair it down to two wraps for this easy, effortless look.

Half-Up Hacks

Using these angles to pull half your hair up is an easy way to switch up your looks! Uplift Bands will keep these looks tight and secure or relaxed and loose depending on how many times you wrap the ponytail.

The Budget Bridal Up-Do

A multi-wrap technique will keep this look locked in place for your big day, or even a night out. Use the leftover face-framing pieces to hide the Uplift Band, or let the metal accent peek through for a little touch of glam!

The Faux Ballerina Bun

A busy woman's go-to! The faux ballerina bun is an instant up-do perfect for hitting the gym, cleaning the house, or diving into a spreadsheet hairstyle. Leave your face-framing pieces out for a relaxed daytime look, too!

The J.Lo

We LOVE this sassy look for a night out! Wrap a section of hair around the Uplift Band or leave it bare just so your friends can ask you, "What type of hair tie is that?!"


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