Newest Addition To The TYME Family: TYME Iron Pro: Obsidian

Newest Addition To The TYME Family: TYME Iron Pro: Obsidian

We consider getting ready a ritual. Much like doing yoga or meditating, it’s a time set aside to focus solely on yourself. It is an act of self-care where you set your intentions for the day and prepare your outward appearance for your goals. It’s really sort of spiritual.

When we were exploring new versions of the TYME Iron, we wanted to make that ritual more meaningful. We wanted to shine an extra light of intent into that moment.

Without further adieu, please welcome the newest, limited-edition TYME Iron Pro: Obsidian!

woman curling her hair with tyme iron

This stunning matte black iron is as powerful and transformational as our classic TYME Iron Pro, but with a new stunning finish. We absolutely love the meaning behind this color and name of the iron, especially during 2020. If you aren’t into the stones and crystals world, let us explain it for you. Obsidian is a stone that forms from rapid cooling volcanic lava. Its power and purpose is to draw out negative energy and bring out what is hidden.

We love the idea of applying that to our daily routine. With each pass-through of the Obsidian iron, think about the negative intentions you have already set for the day and release them. Give yourself the opportunity to find the good in the day coming at you. Whether it’s getting to spend time with your children (even if they are screaming and crying) or even just getting the opportunity for this quiet time alone, setting that intention is powerful.

After the environmental, political, pandemic-ridden year that 2020 has been, we think it’s essential to find the root of what is important to each of us, every day. We found a lot of inspiration to transition into the new year with this intention from this quote by our CEO, Jacynda Smith:

“With 2020, we’ve had to revisit and clear out all of our closets. I’m really excited to see the other side of people being a renewed sense of themselves. When you are more isolated and you go in and you clean out your closets, whether metaphorically or physically, you come out new. It’s all fresh and new. I’m really excited to see people interact when they can show their smiles again. We get to reconnect in a whole new way after everyone has cleaned out their closets and we get to show up as our newest truest self.”

Whether the Obsidian iron becomes a part of your routine or not, take these intentions with you into the holiday season and the new year!

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