Two stylists styling on a model with the TYME Iron

Style Battle: How 2 Stylists Use Different Techniques To Create Beach Waves Using The TYME Iron

Read Time: 2 min 28 sec

We’ve taken our social media guru, Eryca, and used her as a model for our latest “How To!” Our CEO, Jacynda and Lead Stylist, Savannah went head to head to try and create her look in their own styling manner, but only with half of Eryca’s hair! Traditionally Eryca rocks a messy look with tons of volume! Let’s see what these expert stylists come up with.

The 411 on Styling on Someone Else

Always start your style out with a lightweight thermal protectant, like Upstaged. This styling agent gives a fantastic hold, grip, volume, and basically, you can’t go wrong! Curling on someone else should be the same as if you’re curling on yourself EXCEPT you hold the TYME Iron backward (with your fingers behind the power button and thumb on the side with the temperature lights).

Keep the tip of the iron up on the right side and the guide side towards their head. Section the hair and rotate backward in the same way you would on your own hair. The iron is created to put less strain on the users, so revel in the joy that is only a slight flick of the wrist and not a full rotation.

No more full rotations = QUICKER STYLING!

Jacynda’s Tactics

To create her beachy waves, Jacynda started with larger curls. This allowed her to lock in volume from the start. With her TYME Iron angled at a 45-degree angle, she pulled the iron back and toward the ceiling. At the ends of each section being curls, Jacynda dropped the curl out by pulling the hair down with the iron and drawing down the curl.

Jacynda’s style had curls starting closer to the root to create more volume throughout Eryca’s hair. Softening and giving the curls a messy look was essential before adding in any extra lift.

Jacynda pulled a 1-inch section along the hairline and pulled backward to meet the part and applied BigTYME to pump up the look. She finished the look by spraying Upstagged on her hands to create texture on the ends.

Jacynda’s Pro Tip: Running into cowlick trouble? Apply a thermal protectant to the area and use your hairbrush and blow dryer to style the hair against the cowlick.

Savannah’s Tactics

Savannah started her style with Upstaged Thermal Protectant as a styling agent. With her iron at nearly a vertical angle and just barely angled with the shape of Eryca’s face, Savannah rotated backward and focused on pulling her curls down. This method created subtle beachy waves from the start.

Once her side of Eryca’s hair was complete, she used her fingertips to “shampoo” through the hair to mess it up. Savannah added in a few smaller sectioned curls to give more depth and variety to the style.

To cap off the look, Savannah applied BigTYME! Using the volumizing powder along the hairline to lift hair away from the face and throughout the bulk of Eryca’s hair to give a fuller appearance and texture to the style.

Savannah’s Pro Tip: Vary the start of your curl! If your curls start at the same place in each section of your hair, you’re bound to get that sausage roll look! Create depth by starting some curls closer to your scalp and others at different starting points.

Change. It. Up. Like anything in life...styling and creating different looks takes practice! Subtle differences in technique like the tension in your TYME Iron, the angle you pull (or push) the curl at, or even the rotation of your wrist can make a HUGE difference.

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