You are intelligent.

You are strong.

You are capable.

You are worthy.

You are enough.

TYME is a woman-founded company dedicated to redefining beauty standards
and how we talk about them.

Photo of a woman with curled hair in a pony tail holder. Text reads: You are intelligent.  You are  strong.  You are  capable.  You are  worthy.  You are  enough.

How we’re working toward a

more authentic beauty industry:

Photo of a woman with black curled hair holding a TYME Iron Air

We don’t photoshop our models or their hair.

Photo of a woman with natural hair texture and one TYME Iron curl

We created a styling tool that works on all hair types.

Woman with blonde hair shaking her curls

We encourage hair performance
and health over aesthetics.

Image of a woman curling her hair with the TYME Iron Pro, being instructed via computer by a stylist

We prioritize education and results over sales.

Photo of a woman with blonde hair looking into a bathroom mirror

Redesign your morning routine.

You know what goes into a morning that makes your day good or challenging, so only you can curate a perfect daily routine.

Motherhood Mantras

The best parent version of you stems from the actual best version of you.

Photo of a woman with auburn curled hair holding a small child
Jacynda Smith creator and CEO of the TYME Iron Pro tells her story

Our Story

Read the inspiring story of our CEO’s journey from behind the chair to leading a transformational company.

Our Commitment to Authentic Beauty

Beauty looks different for everyone.
We’re working to redefine those standards.