The easy, how-to guide for using your

Blow Brush

The TYME BlowBrush puts the power of a blow dryer and a round brush together for an effortless blowout. Whether you’re looking for a fluffy blowout, an easier drying experience, or the perfect way to go from wet to styled, you’re in the right place.


Prep your wet hair with a thermal protectant

Step 1

Prep your wet hair with a powerful thermal protectant like Upstaged and brush through any knots.

grab a vertical section to dry with blow brush

Step 2

Grab a clean section of hair that is the same angle you want to dry with the BlowBrush.

woman achieving volume with blow brush

Step 3

For a voluminous blowout, lift the BlowBrush above the root with a half turn rotation so your hair glides over the curved side before leaving the brush.

woman achieving a sleek style with blow brush

Step 4

Create a sleek style by laying your hair directly under the flat side of the brush and gliding down.

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Common Mistakes

woman showing a smooth blowdried piece of hair

Going Too Fast

Slowly brushing through each section two or three times will achieve smoother results than quickly brushing through the strand many times. This will also help reduce the amount of heat you apply to your hair while getting a thorough dry.

blowbrush overwrapped around the hair strand


While the brush does have an oval shape to it, beware of overwrapping your hair and getting it tangled. If this does happen, don’t worry! Grab a pick comb and gently release your hair from the bristles.

Frequently Asked Questions

red head woman with curled beachy waves with TYME iron

How do I use on curly hair? 

The BlowBrush is created for all hair types. While your hair is wet, use a thermal protectant and brush thoroughly through your curls to release any knots. Start with small sections of hair when starting out and slowly brush through the length of your hair on the high setting.

How do I use on fine hair?

We recommend keeping the BlowBrush on the Low setting. This setting uses a high fan speed for faster drying times with a lower heat temperature for less heat exposure.

How do I use on short hair?

The BlowBrush is the perfect tool for giving volume to short hair. Use the rounded side for a boost at the root and the flat side for a smoother finish.

How do I use on long hair?

Prep your hair with a thermal protectant and brush through your hair to get rid of any tangles. Place a vertical section of hair onto the BlowBrush and slowly start gliding through the length of your hair.

Pro tip: Rotate the brush so your hair creates a U-shape along the rounded edge for a faster drying experience.

How do I create curls?

Use the BlowBrush at a vertical angle and slowly, but continuously rotate the barrel while gliding through the length of your hair. We recommend starting this process when your hair is near 50% dry with the medium setting.

How do I straighten my hair?

To create a sleeker, straighter look with the BlowBrush focus on using the flat sides of the brush to dry the bulk of your hair.

How do I prep my hair?

Industry-wide, a thermal protectant like Upstaged is always recommended when applying heat to the hair. If you’re an overachiever, double down on locking in moisture and protecting that moisture, we suggest starting with a powerful shampoo and conditioner duo like Power Couple.

TYME shampoo and conditioner bottles together showing fleur de lis.

woman with different hair types using the blow brush

Curly or Straight. Short or Long. The BlowBrush is going to change your hair care routine.

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