the tyme iron air with jacynda smith

step-by-step guide

  • woman holding the tyme iron air


    turn on your tyme iron air and select your desired temperature.

  • woman holding the tyme iron air


    once the iron has reached this temperature the fan will automatically turn on along with a blue LED light.

  • woman styling hair with the tyme iron air


    use your pointer finger and thumb to grab a small section of hair to curl or straighten.

  • woman curling hair with the tyme iron air


    use the thumb pad to open the iron and place your hair between the plates.

  • woman curling hair with the tyme iron air


    if curling, rotate the iron in your desired direction and push the iron through the length of your hair.

  • woman straightening hair with the tyme iron air


    if straightening, keep the iron horizontal with no rotation and glide down the hair strand.

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common mistakes

  • styling on wet hair

    don’t let the fan fool you, the tyme iron air is meant to be used on dry hair. applying direct heat to wet hair is a gateway to damaged hair.

  • straightening

    we suggest turning the fan off while straightening. the air can blow your perfectly straight pieces around preventing them from laying flat like you’re aiming for.

  • over-rotating

    believe it or not, a simple turn of the wrist with the tyme iron air will give you a ton of curl and volume. don’t feel obligated to old practices. you only need one hand to rotate!

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prep and foundation

industry-wide, a thermal protectant is always recommended when applying heat to the hair. if you’re an overachiever, double down by using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner combo.

tyme iron pro vs. tyme iron air

the two high-performing irons of the tyme collection are built to work with all hair types and all capabilities. whether you have thick hair or thin, curly or straight, both of these irons will work for you. find out which iron best fits your lifestyle here.

where to start curling

while the tyme iron air resembles a traditional curling iron, the curling method is slightly different. open the ceramic plates and place a small section of hair between them. Ideally, a user would apply this process near the root of their hair. for different types of styles, however, a user may begin at a lower starting point.

curling left vs. right side

the how-to method of the tyme iron air applies to styling on both the right and left sides.

step 1: open the plates via the ergonomic thumb pad.

step 2: place a verticle section of hair between the plates, starting near the root.

step 3: rotate the iron in your desired direction.

step 4: slowly push the iron forward through the length of your hair.

turning the fan on and off

the cool-air vents automatically turn on when the tyme iron air has reached a user's desired temperature. after the fan has turned on, users have the option to turn the fan on and off via the fan button just below the power button.

temperature settings

the tyme iron air temperatures range from 280-460 degrees Fahrenheit. we recommend people with thinner hair to stay at a lower temperature, while people with thicker, coarser hair will find the best results at an increased temp. start low and slowly increase your temperature as you get comfortable with the movement and results.