TYME 3-inch Round... TYME 3-inch Round Hair Brush
TYME 3-inch Round Hair Brush in champagne pink with taupe comfort handle and rose gold TYME name emblem.
Opposite side of TYME 3-inch Round Hair Brush with no TYME emblem.
Close up of TYME 3-inch Round Brush of boar and nylon bristles.
End of handle on TYME 3-inch Round Hair Brush showing hole for hook storage and magnet for alternative storage.

TYME 3-inch Round Hair Brush

Your old round brush just got an upgrade.

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TYME 3-inch Round Hair Brush

So much more than your traditional round brush, we designed ours with two types of bristles: nylon and boar. The flexible boar bristles smooth your hair and add shine while the nylon bristles hold your hair in place as you style and dry. Whether your hair is short, medium or long, this 3-inch round brush lifts at the root to create volume and body through ends and length. The comfortable, non-slip grip makes it easy to apply tension with the brush to mold the style while the airflow creates the look.


“I created the 3-inch round brush to give women endless possibilities when styling their hair. If you turn the brush more while blow-drying, you’ll get that voluminous curl. But if you turn it less, you can achieve a straighter style. The nylon and boar bristles work together to create a fuller, smoother blowout. With the heat resistant materials, you can blow-dry and straighten your hair without worrying about the bristles. The lightweight design makes it easy to work with and hold.

I created all of the brushes we offer at one time to ensure every hair need is met. With all four brushes, you can create any look.”


Volume, Movement, or Sleek -- This Brush Will Get It Done.

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Meet TYME 3-Inch Round Hair Brush

4 easy steps


Turn up (or down) the volume. For less volume, direct the airflow to the backside of the brush (before the curve). For more volume, direct the airflow to the furthest part of the brush from the scalp (just past the biggest arch of the curve).


Create smooth, subtle waves. Rotate your brush more as your blow-dry for a smooth, wavy style.


Add lift. Place hair under the 3-inch round brush and blow-dry downwards to create body from roots to ends.


Hit hair with a cool shot. Once your hair is dry and you’re focused on styling, reverse your round brush and hit your hair with a cool shot to lock in the wave and volume.