TYME 3-inch Round... TYME 3-inch Round Hair Brush
TYME 3-inch Round Hair Brush in champagne pink with taupe comfort handle and rose gold TYME name emblem.
Opposite side of TYME 3-inch Round Hair Brush with no TYME emblem.
Close up of TYME 3-inch Round Brush of boar and nylon bristles.
End of handle on TYME 3-inch Round Hair Brush showing hole for hook storage and magnet for alternative storage.

TYME 3-inch Round Hair Brush

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This is not your Grandma’s round brush...this one will actually help! It has two types of bristles: the nylon ones you would expect plus boar bristles!! Basically, when used together they are a dominating force against their arch enemy, “Hot Mess”. This professional 3 inch round brush will make sure that the powers of silkiness and appropriate volume prevail! Nonslip handle with magnetic feature for easy and elegant storage. Seriously, you will love these magnetic handles... they’re pretty neat! Show us your creative styles by using #HangTYME