TYME BlowBrush TYME BlowBrush
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TYME BlowBrush side view of air controls.

TYME BlowBrush

The powerful combination of a round brush and hairdryer have combined for the world’s easiest blowout!

Color: Obsidian
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Product Details

The BlowBrush

This brush-dryer combo allows you to rethink the process of blow drying! The all-in-one technology of our BlowBrush gives you all the styling and drying capabilities of a salon stylist right at home. Three power settings paired with flat and rounded sides provide the capabilities of a voluminous blow-dry or the styling capability to make your locks curly, wavy, or perfectly straight.

The ionic and ceramic technology dries your hair from the inside out, locking in moisture and leaving your hair silky and shiny with less damage. Nylon and faux boar bristles catch every strand of hair for easy detangling and a thorough dry. The BlowBrush has an ergonomic design, making your blow drying and styling experience more comfortable and controllable. All the while, our 360-degree swivel cord allows you to dry or style from any angle you choose.


"For years, I watched women struggle to create the looks their stylists we’re creating in the salon, and I genuinely believe products like the TYME Iron Pro and BlowBrush help bridge that gap. Providing more ergonomic designs lets you focus more on the style you're creating rather than how the tool feels in your hand.

The BlowBrush is going to change how you interact with your hair entirely. The powerful drying capabilities paired with immediate styling sets you up for great-looking hair from day one and in half the time. If you're looking for that product that is going to help you extend your wash cycle and give you longer-lasting hair...this is it."


  • 8 Foot Tangle-Free Cord - Let’s leave tangles in the past: in your cord and your hair.
  • Customizable Speed Settings - No matter what hair type you are, these customizable speed settings will help you create your perfect blowout.
  • Quiet, Minimal Noise - Blow drying your hair shouldn’t wake up the whole house.
  • Professional Quality - When everyone asks where you got your hair done, you can say “at home.”
  • Single Voltage - 110-120v


Please refer to our FAQ page for detailed information.


We’re all about making your life easier. We want everything to happen faster and have a lasting impact. Some call it lazy...we call it efficient.

4 easy steps


Choosing the right combination of styling products, like Upstaged Thermal Protectant, for your specific hair challenges will help you get the perfect at-home blowout.


This brush-dryer combo allows you to rethink the process of blowdrying! The all-in-one technology of our BlowBrush gives you the superpower of focusing on select areas for longer.


By focusing a section of hair on the small rounded side of the BlowBrush, you can easily create a more rounded or voluminous look!


Use the large flat side of the BlowBrush to smooth and straighten our locks while reducing frizz and flyaways.