TYME Detangler Ha... TYME Detangler Hair Brush
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Front view of TYME Vented Detangler Hair Brush parallel nylon and boar bristles.
Front view of TYME Vented Detangler Hair Brush parallel nylon and boar bristles.
Back of TYME Vented Detangler Hair Brush showing ventilation spaces to improve dry time.
End of handle on TYME Detangler Brush showing hole for hook storage and magnet for alternative storage.
Zoomed in view of boar and nylon bristles on the curved head of the TYME Vented Detangler Brush.

TYME Detangler Hair Brush

The perfect wet and dry solution to any tangle, snag, or snarl.

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TYME Detangler Hair Brush

The brush that can do it all! The all-new Detangler Brush is the ultimate brush for wet or dry hair. The flexible boar and nylon bristles will easily brush through those snags and snarls without adding pressure to your hair or scalp—perfect for fine to medium hair and sensitive scalps. When blowing out your hair, the brush distributes natural oils and products for healthy, shiny hair without frizz or flyaways. The vented design provides maximum airflow between your blow dryer and hair, allowing you to dry and style in record TYME. Bonus: we added a non-slip grip for added control.


“Detangling your or your kid’s hair shouldn’t feel like a chore. I wanted to create a brush for those ‘chasing kids to get their hair brushed’ moments. The flexible boar and nylon bristles allow you to brush hair in a fraction of the time it typically takes without the added pressure on sensitive scalps.

Scalp health was top of mind when designing this brush. The nylon and boar bristles give you the ability to massage your scalp so you can keep it elastic and youthful. Similar to the soil before planting, you need to loosen the scalp before anything can grow.

I created all of the brushes we offer at one time to ensure every hair need is met. With all four brushes, you can create any look.”


Hair brushes are NOT returnable.
Please refer to our FAQ page for detailed information.


Knot, Who?

Work Out Any Knotty Situation, Wet or Dry.

4 easy steps


Use on wet hair. Detangle, smooth, and style wet hair by gently passing the brush through roots to ends.


Use on dry hair. When your hair is dry, refresh your style and massage your scalp.


Go bottom to top. Detangle your hair starting at the bottom of your hair strands and work your way up.


Free-up drawer space. Hang the brush on any magnetic surface for easy, gravity-defying storage.