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5 Hairstyles You Can Recreate In 5 Minutes or Less on Mid-Length Hair

5 Hairstyles You Can Recreate In 5 Minutes or Less on Mid-Length Hair

5 Hairstyles You Can Recreate In 5 Minutes or Less on Mid-Length Hair

Woke Up Late? Short on Time? We got you!

Here are 5 hairstyles to recreate on those days when it looks like you only have time for a messy bun (and not the cute kind). 

Oh, and the best part? All of these hairstyles work best on dirty hair! You’re welcome ladies!

Classy Messy Bun

Maybe you actually want to rock a messy bun. We totally support that! We found a BEAUTIFUL messy bun style for mid-length hair by the tiktok creator shaysullivann. This is a quick and easy style that is classy yet effortless.

Video Tutorial


Personal Touch: Add in some barrettes to show off your style. Here are some of our favorites picks.

  Shop The Look                              Shop The Look                             Shop The Look


Looking for a simple braided look that works for dirty hair? We got you! We are loving this look by the tiktok creator cowboys4lifee. You can keep the simple braids as is or you can go a step further and create space buns for some added fun!


Video Tutorial

Elevated Pigtails

Need a cute casual style for running errands? These elevated pigtails by alyssarayelee are the perfect option. If you have longer hair, try adding in more ponytail flips to the pigtails to create a gorgeous bubble braid. 


Video Tutorial


Personal Touch: Curl the ends of your pigtails using a Tyme Iron Pro or add a hat if your hair is especially dirty.


Looking for a trendy hat? 

Here are some of our favorites! 

 Shop the Look                           Shop the Look                               Shop the Look


Claw Clip

Claw clips are all the rage right now and we think it is probably the quickest and easiest way to style your hair. With so many different options for styling, it can be hard to choose, so we thought we’d share our favorite way to style. We think maleriparker on TikTok did it best. 



Personal Touch: Looking for some fun and unique claw clips. Here are a few of our picks. These can all be found on


Half Up

This one is for our curly haired girls! This is a simple half up style that takes minimal effort but looks gorgeous! We found this  tutorial on easyhairtoks. Check out their page for more hair inspiration!


Video Tutorial


    Quick Tip: Want some extra volume? Sprinkle some root powder in your hair before styling and add hairspray for maximum height.
Personal Touch: Create a more feminine look with a bow. Here are our picks. They can all be found on       
We hope this guide gives you some inspiration for the next time you are running behind, late for work, or wake up with dirty hair. Don’t worry ladies! It happens to the best of us. 🩷
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