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7 TikTok hair trends you need to try for 2024

7 TikTok hair trends you need to try for 2024

7 TikTok hair trends you need to try for 2024 

Another day, another hair trend that’s breaking the internet

When it comes to trends, TikTok has become the epicenter for making sure you’re at the frontline for all new potential eras. From clean girl aesthetics to copper cowboy hair, TikTok has made trends from things that even stylists didn’t think of. It’s the place where names steer far away from the classic ‘haircut’ preferences and shoot right in the direction of the animal kingdom. We’ve seen the butterfly hair, the wolf, and now, the kitty cut—but what are they?

In the last month alone, these cutesy animal-named styles have seen over 150 million views, and that’s not to mention all the other trends that are doing the rounds on socials. While some of us sit and calculate the moon phases' TikTok trend on our crushes (who don’t know we exist), others are patiently waiting for the next best hair trend to catapult into its phenomenon.

It’s now 2024, and these trends show no signs of slowing down—in fact, they’re coming even thicker and faster. The TikTok community continues to set the stage for innovation, creativity, and quite frankly, daring choices, particularly when it relates to hair. We’ve dug around the net for TikTok's current top 7 hair trends and curated them into a selection that promises to be worlds apart from what you had imagined for your locks this year. 

So, get ready for a year of fashion-forward choices that are right for you—and no, we’re not asking you to go all Brad Mondo on your looks and start bleaching in the bathroom (You can thank TikTok for that one as well). 


1) 90s is back 

Well, it’s been back for a long time—but now it’s better than ever. Take a trip down memory lane and watch the revival of the iconic 90s haircut. From shaggy layers to curtain bangs, TikTok has resurrected the spirit of the 90s in the most stylish and contemporary way. It's a flattering cut on practically ALL face shapes and it gives Rachel Green in the best possible way.

Yes, we know a ‘90s haircut’ can be anything, but in TikTok terms it means sweeping, Matilda Djerf-style curtain bangs, a boatload of layers, and that 90s supermodel blowout that makes you green with envy.


Girl with icy sonic silver hair wearing sunglasses


2) Sonic silver hair 

This is another trend breaking free from the 90s/Y2K era, and we're obsessed. In summary, the trending color is sonic silver and it's exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a soft silver color that's the perfect blend of beige and silver—but definitely not gray. It’s futuristic, super fun, and is the glossier version of those ashy tones that shot through the noughties. Sonic Silver is a fresh, elevated version of these cooler tones and it’s got a whole load of futuristic feels. 

The key to the best sonic silver? A good toner, of course.


Girl with blonde French bob as she leans out of window in Paris.


3) French girl haircut 

With 1 billion views and counting, we can see why this TikTok trend is being shouted from the rooftops. Let’s face it, we and the U.K. are OBSESSED with ‘French girl’ everything, so you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll be taking their haircuts, too. The answer to the perfect French bob? Blunt. It’s a bob that's typically shorter than your standard one and it perfectly cuts at the cheekbone. It makes your face card pop and helps you look Parisian chic if you wear it worn-in, in an artful way. It’s to die for. 

4) Mob wife

We’ve only just got to grips with the clean girl aesthetic, and the world of TikTok is already making way for the new look on the block—the mob wife. Think mafia wife, mob wife, whatever name that gives a powerful woman. The trend is all about throwing a long black fur coat over a black outfit and pairing it with some daring attitude and a bold lip. And for the mob wife's hair? It’s everything in excess, of course. Think retro styles like a bouncy blowout, updos that tower high, and a messy yet done finish.

If this one’s not for you—don’t worry, clean girl middle partings are still here to stay. 

5) Kitty cut

Image of Suki Waterhouse with a kitty cut hairstyle of bangs.

Wolf cut, butterfly cut, kitty cut. Now, what is it with TikTok and animals? Either way, we love it. If you remember 2023’s iconic wolf cut and its daringly choppy layers that meet lived-in shaggy mullet, then the Kitty cut is fairly close. 

It nods to the era of the 70s and is a far more feline look than the wolf cut because it gently accentuates your face. It has soft round layers and is a polished approach to those older trends (thankfully), making it the perfect look for the mid-length girlies who haven’t dared that 2024 bob chop. If it’s good enough for our queen Suki Waterhouse, then it’s good enough for us. 


Image of Bella Hadid with a jersey headband while walking down the street


6) 90s jersey headband 

This one takes no cutting, no coloring, and absolutely no time. Now that’s a trend we can jump on! Joining in with the 90s theme, the 90s jersey headband has been inundating everyone’s FYP on TikTok. We don’t mean that simple headband that was everywhere the last few years––we mean the thick, chunky elastic jersey bands that made our childhoods.

All you need is a wide stretchy headband in black, gray, or white and you then wear it at the front of your hairline. Finally, our prayers were answered for the widow’s peak girlies—you can now hide it! It gives off an effortlessly cool vibe, and if Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner are fans, then you may as well call it the supermodel look. 

Image of Jenna Ortega with brunette curtain bangs, standing against a wall


7) Bangs 

Bangs with a wolf cut, bangs with a bob, bangs with anything. It’s a TikTok hair trend that’s going absolutely nowhere. Curtain bangs are huge for 2024, and the hashtag on socials has racked up over four and a-half billion views on TikTok alone. That, mixed with IT girl Sofia Richie Grainge and Jenna Ortega jumping on the bandwagon means that this style is a trend that’s going to be one of the biggest styles of the year. Ok, stylists—take our money. 

It perfectly frames the face, and adds depth and dimension, while flattering all of your features. We love. 

Which TikTok hair trend are you choosing?

It was said that at the end of last year, the 90s era was dying out, but when it comes to hair—that couldn’t be more wrong. It’s reigning supreme over the TikTok trends for the new year and we can’t get enough. From wolfy, messy dos, to chic Parisienne bobs—there really is something for everyone and anyone. 

With hair trends, there's an undeniable truth that's blatantly obvious—the TikTok community remains a pulsating hub of creativity and experimentation. With each trend, we witness a fusion of tradition and modernity, nostalgia and futurism, creating a dynamic landscape that promises exciting possibilities for the hair enthusiasts of 2024. 

So, whether you're drawn to the whimsical allure of the Kitty cut or the timeless charm of '90s bangs, TikTok continues to be the ultimate guide, shaping the future of hairstyling with every scroll, like, and share.

Fancy being a mob wife? Now you don’t have to do all the hard work. You just have to wear the fur coat and rock the hair. It’s never been easier.

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