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Date Night Hair How-To: Flirty Half-Ponytail

Jacynda with high half pony and TYME curls
Need some hair inspo for your next date night?! We've got you covered with this fun, flirty half-ponytail you can wear for your next night out with the girls or that special someone. ❤️

  1. Using a paddle brush, brush the top section of hair from above the ears to the crown of your head back, and tie off with an elastic. The thicker the elastic, the more height you can get.

  2. You’ll want the top section to be secured tightly, so the hair will be lifted off your scalp and have more volume.

  3. Grab a piece of hair from the bottom of your top section within the elastic and wrap around your elastic to hide elastic and lift your half-pony.

  4. Use a bobby pin to secure wrapped hair underneath your top section, pinning into the direction of the top section.

  5. Tighten, shape, and lift your half-pony style.

  6. Using the TYME Iron Pro, pop in a few curls until you achieve desired look.

  7. Using BigTYME Root Lift Powder, spray top section and throughout the rest of your hair for added volume and texture. Spraying underneath the pony and “padding” underneath your hair using your fingers will give it more fullness. Padding is like teasing or backcombing, but a softer version, using root lift powder and your fingers.

  8. Adjust curls and place all hair where desired before using SelfieTYME Hairspray.

  9. Using SelfieTYME Hairspray, spray any baby hairs or flyaways in top section and use the side of the can to smooth it out.

  10. Spray throughout the rest of the style as desired. Remember, this hairspray is buildable!

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