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The TYME Iron Pro Is Now Available On Ulta's Online Store

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For those of you wondering what has been going on around at TYME, after many meetings and tons of hard work...TYME has officially launched our flagship product, The TYME Iron Pro, on Ulta's online store! Ulta is a nationally recognized beauty retailer that has been a champion for all across the United States since 1990. We couldn’t be more excited to build our brand and core values with them.

Will we one day be in their retail locations? We sure hope so! We are in a testing period with Ulta now, and if all goes well online the TYME Iron Pro plus other TYME products may be hitting the shelves in over 1,200+ locations!

Giving “Wow” Experiences

The TYME Iron experience has changed the way women take on their day. The simplicity in handling the iron has cut styling time in half with longer-lasting curls. Want proof? Check out this video of new TYME user Jennifer, and her perfect reaction!

Always Improving

Image of TYME Haircare products

TYME started with the goal of helping the everyday woman feel amazing. The phrase “look good, feel good” holds so much truth when you’re feeling like a 10! The reactions and feedback from our users drove us to do more. Our entire tymeline ( 😉) is more than just pretty products that all looks amazing is a full system designed to make your hair perform, as well as save you...tyme!

Win Together

Our small team of beauty warriors work hard to constantly provide relevant and timeless improvements to our services. From offering one-on-one video chats (check out Jennifer’s video above) to get new TYME Iron users started with tutorials and showing the latest hair trends, our TYME staff knows that when we look fabulous, we take on our days in a different manner.

Love What You Do, Own What You Do

Every week our CEO and lead stylist get behind the camera on Facebook Live and show you the newest tips and tricks, and dive into a Q+A to debunk and highlight all your TYME product questions. Their styling background gives them not only the intel from behind the chair but in the chair too. Who doesn’t want styling tips from professional stylists?!

Do What’s Right

We strongly believe in our products, which is why we offer a 30-day return with a purchase of the TYME Iron. Also, we know our products are built to last, but in the event of an issue, we don’t want you missing out on good hair days. Our full one year guarantee ensures you’re getting a quality product.

PLUS! The TYME Iron design is patented uniquely to our company. Ulta has partnered with us for our authentic, genuine product. You won’t encounter ANY frauds, dupes, or look-a-likes when purchasing on

Champions of Diversity

There are plenty of products created to make the lives of the majority easier. Our iron and hair care line was developed to produce the BEST looking hair for ALL hair types. Thin and straight? Thick and curly? Want effortless beach waves today and big volume curls tomorrow? We have you covered.

We are so proud that our authentic, patented TYME Iron Pro is now stamped with Ulta’s approval. Get yours along with the rest of your favorite beauty products now!