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Top 3 Travel Must-Haves for Perfect Hair on the Go!

Anyone else feeling the need to plan a trip?! We are ready to pack our bags for a sunny getaway. Here are our top 3 travel must-haves for amazing, TSA-approved hair ;)

  1. TYME Trial Kit You’re guaranteed to have the most envious hair on your trip with this amazing little kit. The TYME Traveler Kit includes a travel size version of Pregame Shampoo, Showoff Conditioner, Upstaged Thermal Protectant and SelfieTYME Hairspray. The kit comes in our most versatile and clear small ZipTYME bag which is the perfect size for airport travel (think of it as the Gucci of Ziplock bags) and is water resistant.

    You'll get a month's worth of product with this kit, so no running out of product on your trip! Not to mention TYME shampoo and conditioner are designed to allow your hair to go days between washes. Can you say freedom?!
  2. TYME Iron The TYME iron was conceptualized to make travel and everyday styling easier and faster by combining many different size curling irons with a straightener. No need to pack multiple styling tools, this tool can give you soft waves, tight ringlets, and everything in between...plus straighten WITHOUT any extra attachments. The heat transfer process is what makes TYME curls last longer than hair curled with a traditional curling iron to ensure you will need little to no touch-ups both in your travels and everyday life!
  3. BigTYME BigTYME does big things in a small package! It works for all hair types to create full body and boost. BigTYME delivers instant texture, volume, and grip without leaving hair feeling gritty or weighed down. At home or on the go, this lightweight spray-on powder formula is designed to be buildable, making the results immediate, long-lasting, and endless. BigTYME can be spritzed at the root for instant volume and misted onto overall curly or straight hair for textured style. Designed for anytime, anywhere volume, BigTYME is available in a travel-friendly bottle! We love throwing BigTYME in our purse for a little pick me up anytime and anywhere!
Before BigTYME

After BigTYME
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