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6 of the best hair straighteners we’ve tested for 2024

Image of the TYME Style hair straightener and curler on a blue background with the USPs on screen. Taken from TYME

Flat iron or straightener? Whatever you call it—we’ve tried them all.

Can we take a moment to reflect on how far we've come since the days of frazzled hair and DIY disasters? It's like we blinked, and suddenly, we're the same girlies who used to fear the sound of a hair straightener, now obsessing over achieving salon-worthy sleekness at home. Times have changed, and so have our priorities. We've traded in our tangled messes for meticulously planned hair care routines, complete with an arsenal of products that promise to work miracles (we can only dream). 


Amid all these transformations, there's one thing that remains the same—our search for the ultimate hair straightener. Yes, girls, we're still on the hunt for that holy grail tool that will effortlessly transform our locks from chaos to chic. And guess what? We've got the lowdown on all the latest and greatest hair straighteners that are about to become your new hair care obsession.


The journey through the ever-evolving world of hair straightening goes from the classic flat irons of yesteryears to the cutting-edge technology of today, and the world of sleek, smooth locks awaits. Grab your favorite hair mask, brew a cup of your go-to tea (or vino, we don’t judge), and get ready to indulge in some serious hair straightening talk.


It's time to level up your styling routine, embrace your inner hair queen, and say hello to the flowing tresses you've always dreamed of. 

TYME’s 2024 flat iron top picks 

1. The TYME Iron Pro: Rose Gold

Let's kick things off with a bang, shall we? Introducing the TYME Iron Pro: Rose Gold, the holy grail of hair straighteners for the modern-day girlie. This all-in-one styling tool is not just your average flat iron. It's a game-changer in your morning routine. With its sleek design and titanium plates that heat up in just 55 seconds, you'll be saying goodbye to frizz and hello to salon-worthy sleekness in no time.

But wait, it gets better. The TYME Iron Pro doesn't just straighten your locks—it's also a curling wand in disguise. With five unique heat settings ranging from 300°F to 400°F, you can effortlessly switch between straightening and curling at the click of a button. Whether you're rocking beachy waves or a pin-straight mane, this universal hair tool has got you covered.

And did we mention the long-lasting results? Thanks to its titanium plates that evenly distribute heat and its 30-minute automatic shut-off feature, you can forget the pesky hair damage and enjoy perfectly styled hair all day long. This one’s our top choice and will see you through no matter what hairstyle you go for. P.S. The second-day hair with this one is to die for. 

2. The Confidante Moisture Maintenance Titanium Flat Iron

Next up on our list of must-have hair straighteners is none other than The Confidante Moisture Maintenance Titanium Flat Iron by Amika. If you're tired of battling frizz and fighting with unruly locks, this little gem is about to become your new BFL. With its infrared light beam and longer reach, frizz is long in the past, and shiny, silky hair is within your reach.  

The Confidante isn’t just a one-trick pony, either, girlie. It's all about the details! From its energy-efficient MCH heaters to its negative ion projector that locks in shine and fights frizz, this flat iron is designed to deliver salon-worthy results with every pass through the strands. And with its digital interface and auto-shutoff feature, you can style with confidence knowing that your locks are in good hands.

There’s no wonder this one’s doing the rounds on TikTok—it’s a true goodie. Switch up your styling game with The Confidante Moisture Maintenance Titanium Flat Iron and get ready for locks that last all day long. We’re obsessed. 10/10. 

3. GHD Platinum+ Professional Performance Styler

We know, we know. GHD already deserves the hair tool crown, but they’ve gone and done it again for 2024. Ready to take your hair game to the next level? Look no further than the GHD Platinum+ Professional Performance Styler. With its ground-breaking ultra-zone™ technology and predictive heat technology, this super tool is about to become your new secret weapon. Wave away heat damage and prepare for locks that are 70% stronger, 75% shinier, and protected from color fading in every use (can it get any better than that?). 

The GHD Platinum+ isn't just your average straightener. It's a multitasking powerhouse. Thanks to its unique wishbone hinge and round barrel, you can create sleek locks, bouncy curls, flicks, or waves with ease. With its ultra-zone™ predictive technology, this styler recognizes your hair's thickness and speed of styling, adjusting accordingly for personalized results every time.

We've all grown up loving GHD as the real OG of hair tools, and while we continue to adore their newest innovations, it’s their commitment to hair health that truly has us head over heels in 2024, making the GHD Platinum+ not just a tool, but a treasure for anyone serious about their hair care game *chefs kiss*. 

4. Dyson Limited Edition Ceramic Airstrait™ Straightener

Looking for a hair straightener that does it all? Meet the Dyson Limited Edition Ceramic Airstrait™ Straightener—the ultimate multitasking tool for the modern-day working girl. With its innovative design and cutting-edge technology, this hair straightener is about to revolutionize your styling routine for the better.

Forget any hair woes of yesterday and start styling from damp with the Dyson Airstrait. With three preset temperatures and the optional Boost mode, you can take your hair from wet to finished style in record time. Whether you're touching up your locks or creating a whole new look, this straightener has got you covered.

With Dyson, it's all about the details. From its ceramic plates that seal the cuticle for less frizz and more shine to its smart shut-off feature and dual voltage for international adventures, this straightener is designed to deliver salon-worthy results with ease.

Put down the Airwrap—this is the upgrade you didn't know you needed. Checkmate, hair dilemmas! With the Dyson Limited Edition Ceramic Airstrait™, achieve effortlessly chic looks whether at home or globetrotting. 

5. GHD Chronos Styler 1 Inch Flat Iron

GHD is at it again—and we just can’t not love them and their creations. Brace yourself for the GHD Chronos Styler 1-Inch Flat Iron, where cutting-edge technology meets divine styling and haircare power. GHD has long been worshiped as the ruler, the hair god, and the MVP in the world of hair straightening, and they're not stepping down any time soon.

With its ability to deliver high-definition results in a single stroke, lasting up to 24 hours, this tool is the holy grail you've been searching for. Ditch the fear of frizz, split ends, and the dreaded breakage with this—you’ll wake up with JLo-worthy locks even with your next-day hair. Welcome a new era where your locks not only shine but radiate with health, thanks to the optimal styling temperature of 365°F. The Chronos styler promises to give you a tailored blessing for your hair, providing 85% shinier and completely frizz-free results—sign us up.

With GHD's well-earned reputation for reliability, you can trust that this straightener delivers on its promises. It's not just a purchase, but an investment that gives you consistently flawless hair days—all while lasting for years to come. Now that’s a win-win!

6. The Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush

Rounding off our list with a real game-changer, meet The Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush by Drybar, a rising star that’s quickly carving out a spot at the top in the hair care industry. Who knew that straightening your hair could be as easy as running a brush through it?

Long gone are the days of the clunky flat irons and tangled cords that turn your morning routine into an obstacle course. The Brush Crush mixes the heat of a straightener with the simplicity of a brush, making it your new partner in crime for those hectic mornings. Imagine gliding through your locks easily, delivering salon-quality sleekness without the hassle or the burns—yes, it’s designed to be that simple and safe!

But it’s not just about ‌convenience. This tool is packed with features like consistent temperature control to ensure even heat distribution, minimizing damage, and maximizing shine. Whether you’re smoothing out waves or taming that frizz, The Brush Crush makes it effortless. Plus, its lightweight design means you can style your hair without the subsequent arm ache. 

Drybar is making serious noises with this innovative tool, blending technology and practicality in a way that’s catching the eyes of hairstylists and novices alike. 

Choosing the right hair straightener for you 

You’ve got all the tools, but what about the theory? That’s where we come in. Navigating the world of hair straighteners can be overwhelming, but don’t stress girl—that’s what we’re here for. We're here to simplify the process and help you find the perfect match for your hair type and styling preferences. Let's take a look at the essential factors to consider when selecting the ultimate hair straightener that suits your needs. 

Heat control

Temperature settings are super important for achieving the desired results without compromising the health of your hair (i.e. pesky breakage). Whether you have fine, delicate strands or thick, coarse locks, it's essential to choose a straightener with customizable heat settings. Start with a lower temperature and gradually increase it as needed to minimize heat damage and maximize your long-lasting results. 

Safety features

Ever grow up with that dreaded worry that you left the straightener on when you left the house this morning? Not on our watch! Look for a model equipped with an auto shut-off feature. This handy function automatically switches off the device after a period of inactivity, providing added safety and preventing potential accidents or wasteful trips home. 

Plate material and design

The material and design of the plates significantly impact the straightener's performance and the health of your hair. Go for flat irons with ceramic plates, renowned for their even heat distribution and gentle styling. Additionally, consider models with floating plates that adapt to your hair's movement, minimizing pulling and breakage for a smoother styling experience.

Plate size 

Choosing the right plate size is one of the most important parts of achieving your desired hairstyle efficiently. One-inch plates are versatile and suitable for various styling techniques, from straightening to creating waves and curls. However, if you have long or thick hair, consider wider plates for quicker styling. On the other hand, smaller plates are ideal for precision styling and reaching tricky areas like bangs and roots.

Before straightening your hair—always use a heat protectant 

Before straightening your hair, always, always grab the beloved heat protectant. This part of the styling process forms a protective barrier, shielding your strands from the damaging effects of any heat styling tool. Not only does a heat protectant guard against breakage and split ends, but it also enhances the overall appearance of your hair, leaving it sumptuously silky. Those frazzled ends from our teenage years are long in the past (hallelujah), and with the right heat protection, you can enjoy beautifully styled hair without compromising its health and vitality.


Remember, before applying heat, apply protection. You may have the best tools in your collection, but it's all about looking after what your mama gave you. Believe us, you don't want to make the hair faux pas we did when navigating straighteners and wet hair. Not cute.

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