Jacynda Smith, Co-Founder & CEO

Jacynda Smith TYME Co-Founder and CEO

In 2008, Jacynda Smith was faced with a make or break decision. She was a stay-at-home mom to a toddler and a new baby, when her husband, Dan, a professional hockey player, suffered a career-ending injury. During that time, their home also flooded. The situation was grim, and they knew they needed find a new way to support their family. It was then that Jacynda found her strength to change everything…

As a stylist and cosmetologist, Jacynda spent a lot of time teaching her clients how to curl their hair with a flat iron. A lot of them struggled to master the techniques that she showed them, and she just knew there had to be a faster and easier way for women to create the looks that they so desperately wanted.

Jacynda came up with a revolutionary design concept for a new styling tool. The idea was to make travel and everyday styling easier, and faster, by combining many different size curling irons with a straightener. No more cluttered drawers, cabinets and suitcases - just one tool! Utilizing the science of “where the hair cools is where it stays”, the iron heats the hair between titanium plates for a faster heat transfer, and then cools on the rounded shape of the iron. This heat transfer process is also what makes TYME curls last longer than hair curled with a traditional iron.

Jacynda shared all of this with her brother, Kierre, who subsequently invested his life savings in the project. Jacynda and Kierre became co-CEOs of TYME, LLC, and moved forward with their mission to give women the ability to spend less time creating beautiful hair so there is more time to live their lives to the fullest. In December 2014, the first shipment of TYME Irons arrived, and the revolution began!

Women have been taught that getting ready has to be time consuming in order for them to look great. We have set out to change how much time women have to spend on their hair to get amazing results that they can be proud of. Your hair performs it’s best when it is nourished and healthy; not just feeling good on the surface, but actually healthy to the core. When hair is healthy it doesn’t hang onto water because it is hydrated. As a result, your blow-dry time will be faster. Healthy hair won’t pull in moisture from the air’s humidity, virtually eliminating hair challenges like frizz and static. TYME creates products that nourish your hair, which results in great performance and longer lasting styles. When it comes to styling, we like products that do the work of many to make your life easier!

Here at TYME, we design products that give every individual the confidence to recognize their own unique beauty. We are a small company, and a family, who are committed to making life easier with superior products, next level customer service and education. One of the best ways we’ve found to share our knowledge of hair care, is by providing our customers with virtual stylists. Using live, one-on-one video-chat sessions, we connect with our customers, and teach them how to use our product line with amazing results. What our customers are continually surprised with, and delighted by, is that we offer these sessions for FREE! Additionally, we pay close attention to all of our customer feedback, whether it’s in person or via social media. We want to make sure the TYME experience is one that you’re excited to share! Today, the TYME hair care line includes cutting edge heat tools, brushes and products that work in harmony to create gorgeous hair in a record amount of TYME! We are now a global brand, and we’re still applying the same principles that helped conceptualize the TYME Iron. We look forward to welcoming you to the TYME family!


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