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How-To: 7 Simple Steps To The Perfect Blowout Hairstyle

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Have you ever spent a crazy amount of time blow drying your hair only to end up with a mess of frizz and static?

Maintaining the moisture in your hair with the proper blow-drying technique is essential for keeping your hair healthy and will help you take care of these hair challenges once and for all! Moisture in your hair is essential like drinking water for your body. There are a few main points that can be huge game-changers when it comes to blow-drying and we will teach you how to prep your hair with the perfect everyday blowout or to use before you curl or straighten. We love to start with our Power Couple, Pregame Shampoo and Showoff Conditioner to create the perfect foundation. :)

How To Do A Blowout In 7 Steps

Step 1: Start by wrapping your hair in a towel for a few minutes, then squeeze and blot with the towel to absorb the water. The main goal when towel drying your hair is to not rough up the cuticle layers by shimmying the towel down the hair, instead focus on blotting to absorb the moisture into the towel! The cuticle layers are like the shingles on your roof. If you go around your roof scuffing the edges, you cause the shingles to lift. The goal in having smooth, healthy hair is to take proper care of your shingles/cuticle layers to make sure they are “nailed down” every step of the way so you don’t have to call in the repair guy (i.e. your stylist) all the tyme. ;)

Step 2: After towel and air drying the hair for a bit, apply a thermal protectant. We like Upstaged Thermal Protectant because it covers all the bases for volume, hold, shine and heat protectant while still being smooth and touchable.

Make sure your hair is not soaking wet when you apply the product. If your hair is saturated with water, it cannot accept product (think of a soaking wet paper towel trying to absorb a spill--you have to wring it out before it can absorb more!

Step 3: Starting in the back of your head, use a paddle brush, (we love the TYME Paddle Brush), followed by BlowTYME Hair Dryer to break the hair’s natural fall tendency to dry it out of place. This will create more lift off the scalp. This is especially important on the crown of your head where the cowlicks most likely are. Blow drying away from the hair’s natural fall tendency will allow you to place the hair where you want it as opposed to where it wants to go on its own.

Step 4: It’s BlowTYME, make sure you attach your concentrator! Using the concentrator is one of the most important parts of a smooth blowout. It allows you to target a particular area and really control the direction of the airflow so you’re more precise and work through an area faster. When learning to work with a concentrator, you may want to keep your dryer on a low or medium heat setting. When used properly, heat can be your strongest ally and help you achieve gorgeous hair. Laying down the cuticle helps lock in moisture, keeping hair shiny and smooth.

Step 5: Work from the scalp to mid-shaft until hair is 70-80% dry and switch to a round brush. The ends naturally dry while moving the hair around when drying the roots. Make sure to keep the heated airflow concentrated on the lower half of the brush to allow the hair to cool on the second half of the brush for volume and a rounded bend at the end!

Step 6: Marry the ends together by blow drying the lower half and merging any layers.

Step 7: Do not over dry! Overdrying will cause hair to look dull and is a sign that hair is not retaining the right amount of moisture. This can lead to frizz, static, breakage, split ends, and in general, a thinner looking hair strand. The good news is, every time you wash your hair you have the ability to leave in the right amount of moisture and shine, so you can start restoring health and shine the next tyme you wash your hair!

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