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5 Easy 2019 Fall Hair Styles

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Hello, hot lattes, apple cider, and scarves! FALL. IS. HERE. We’ve been dying to get back into our comfy sweaters! As the season transitions though, we’re in the “winter in the AM, summer in the PM” part of the cycle.

Getting ready for the day is hard when we know we’re going to hit a two-hour span of steamy weather. Especially when it comes to our hair. Luckily TYME has done all the leg work and figured out the best possible transitioning hairstyles for us. Now we can spend more time exploring pumpkin patches and enjoying the weather instead of dreading what our hair will look post-mid-afternoon surge of heat.

Below is a list of the best hair trends for Fall 2019 that work for our current transition phase through winter.

Soft Waves/Brushed Out Curls
Of course, the perfect fall hairstyle is TYME Iron friendly! Quickly create curls throughout your hair with small sections. Don’t try to perfect them! You’re literally about to brush through all of them, now is not the time to be a perfectionist. Let them cool, then hairspray the curls. After the hairspray has set the curls, take your detangling brush and comb through those locks! It will loosen the curls and you’ll be left with soft waves that will stand up with any fall day and outfit!

"Crimped" or Glam Waves
The ’90s are back and thriving. This includes the wardrobes (overalls we missed you), a revival of Woodstock, and yes our queen Lizzie McGuire’s crimped hair. We aren't obsessed with the old-school ways of crimping, but that being said if you create curls from small sections it can give a similar, yet refined, look.
BONUS: Brush them out, and you get a more polished and elegant style!

One of the cutest and easiest ways to transition into a fall aesthetic is accessories! We’re especially huge advocates of hair accessories. Nothing takes an all-black ensemble from American Horror Story to Breakfast at Tiffany's like a headband. Repurpose day-old - or week-old - curls with either a hair scarf, traditional headband, head wrap, or if you’re truly feelin’ yourself - a tiara.

Pro-Tip: Use BigTYME to fluff up your hair at the roots. The headband is going to create a part that your hair isn’t used to, so make sure it has VOLUME - especially around your ears and the crown of your head.

Deep Side Part
Fall date nights are SCREAMING for a deep side part. Not only does this hairstyle give you a sultry look, but it also adds extra volume! Moving your part even just a half-inch will give the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. Grab your paddle brush, comb your full head of hair back and take the leap! Having a deeper part will change you. AND you’ll naturally want to fluff your hair, creating the perfect messy, lived-in look. Nothing is more fall than messy and lived-in, right?
Low Ponytails
We love messy and lived in, but sometimes we have to give off a more refined vibe. This is where low ponytails come into play. Even pulling back day 4 (...5, 6, or 7+) messy hair into a low pony can give off a professional appearance. Whether it be a sleek or messy ponytail, don't forget about adding some volume to the crown of your head. Adding a few pumps of BigTYME and a slight tease takes you from “I just rolled out of bed” to “I have my entire life together” in seconds!

Take advantage of these easy fall hairstyles and SLAY this season!

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