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How-To: Silky, Shiny Straight Hair

Jacquel straightening her hair with TYME iron
When straightening your hair, the key is to keep the moisture and shine in your hair. One thing to remember when blow drying is, do not over dry! Over drying will cause hair to look dull and is a sign that hair is not retaining the right amount of moisture. This can lead to frizz, static, breakage, split ends, and in general, a thinner looking hair strand.

The good news is, every time you wash your hair, you have the ability to leave in the right amount of moisture and shine, so you can start restoring health and shine the next tyme you wash your hair! See our blow dry tips here.

Here are some helpful tips for taming your mane to get silky, shiny straight hair with the TYME Iron Pro!

  1. Start with manageable horizontal sections.

  2. Hold the iron horizontally with your thumb behind the power button and guide side facing down.

  3. Lead each section with a paddle brush to keep hair smooth.

  4. Continue working through next section remembering to brush through each section before straightening for smooth results.

  5. Brush the back sections forward for simplicity.

  6. To avoid creases at the top, don’t clamp down too hard when you close your iron.

  7. To prevent frizz, use light tension and keep plates parallel to the hair strand.

  8. Glide down the hair strand at a slow but steady pace to prevent frizz.

  9. The smaller the horizontal section, the closer to the scalp you can get.

Watch the full video here:

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