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Quick And Easy Date Night Hairstyles For Every Hair Length

Woman with big TYME curls, black hair and high half pony
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Get ready for date night in 15 mins or less can be challenging...

Millennials are known as the generation of the “side hustle.” 50% of this generation works a full-time job in addition to a part-time gig, or sometimes two.

In the easiest terms, WE ARE BUSY.

Trying to maintain a work schedule and keep up with a “regular” lifestyle is a serious feat. Such a feat that #adulting is actually a thing. Work/Life balance can be tricky but is vital in a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. We want to make some aspects of that balance a little bit easier.

We’re going to dive into how to achieve the EASIEST date night hair -- even if date night is doing some #selfcare with your lady friends. Below we have the easiest ways to transition ANY hairstyle into a fun/sexy date night look.

Short Hair
Girls who can pull off a great short cut can pull off anything!
Curls? Gorgeous and because of your length take almost no TYME ;) at all.
Half-up messy bun? Trendy.
Sleek low bun? Professional and put together.
There are a few EASY style trends to spice up your hair for a night out: braids + texture. Adding a pulled back braid to mimic a half up-do is the easiest way to elevate plain straight hair or curls. The key to success with any type of braid is to not pull it too tight! Let your hair breathe and even loosen some strands after securing the braids.

Our ultimate hack to short sexy date night hair...pumping up the volume. You NEED some BigTYME in those office locks! Adding a pump or two of Big TYME and messing up your polished office look is the best way to get ready for a night out.

Medium Hair
Medium hair gets the best of both worlds. Short enough to utilize all the tips we listed above and long enough to use the ones below too. BUT the best looks for medium length hair are the easiest to achieve! Creating loose, beachy waves is a seemingly effortless style that wins every time.

Pro-tip: When styling beachy waves with your TYME Iron, don’t forget to draw the iron down towards the ends of your hair. Relaxed ends are not only easy to achieve but will work with your hairstyle at all stages of the day/night!

A textured messy bun can add a classy look to any style, but if we’re going for a more playful look toss don’t underestimate half up-do! Watch below for the perfect J-Lo inspired high pony style.

Long Hair
Having long hair can be such a gift! If you’re in a hurry to get ready, it’s easy to go with two styles: all up or all down. Grab all your locks and toss them into a gorgeous high pony. Hello Ariana Grande? Is that you?

Another easy sultry look to go for is lived-in straight hair. It gives the illusion of not trying too hard, but still being put together.

Pro-Tip: To class up a lived-in look, pin one side of your hair behind and below your ear. You’ll have great looking hair and a chance to show off your neckline ;)

Don’t limit these hacks just to date night! They are also applicable for the easiest way to roll out of bed and look like you have your whole life in check before rolling into the office late...the first time ever ;)

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