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How The TYME Iron Can Replace All Your Current Hair Irons

Samantha curling her blonde hair with TYME iron Pro

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We’re here to Marie Kondo your bathroom. We all have that one bathroom drawer filled with a straightener, a wand, a curling iron, a blow dryer, brushes, loose ponytails, and an ungodly amount bobby pins that we can conveniently NEVER find. There is one easy way to declutter this space: the TYME Iron.

“But can the TYME Iron do ___?”
It is the most popular question we hear.
The answer: YES!!!
The TYME Iron is here to replace all of your curling irons, wands, and your straightener!

Curling irons and wands curl your hair by applying direct heat for a significant amount of time, starting from the ends of your hair, and ending at the root. We thought this seemed a little backward. With the TYME iron’s patented angled design, we’re able to start the curl at the top of the hair strand (where your hair is the hardest to curl) and end at the bottom (where your hair is the driest, and easiest to curl) The heat only needs to be applied to the hair strand for a very short amount of time.

So long to the days of holding the iron in one place waiting for the hair to heat. TYME flash heats and cools your hair instantly, allowing the curls to form faster, and last longer than that of traditional hair irons. This is where we’ve found one of our favorite lines: “where hair cools is where it stays” ;)

We’re going to dive in and do a side-by-side comparison of the most popular curling iron and wand sizes versus the TYME Iron.

1” Iron
Type of Curl: Spiral

This iron is the most versatile. Almost any hair type will have a longer-lasting curl from this size barrel. To achieve a spiral curl with the TYME Iron, grab a section of hair (the smaller the section the tighter the curl) hold your iron at a 90-degree angle, rotate your iron all the way back, pull straight forward and down towards your mirror and stay in close next to your head.

1.25” Iron
Type of Curl: Romantic Waves

A 1.25” iron or wand will create tighter curls, slightly looser than a 1” iron. The hack to getting them to have a romantic or smoothed-out look is to brush through them after curling. To achieve this look with a TYME Iron, rotate back a medium amount (curved opening should be towards the ceiling). From here, you have the option to hold your iron straight up and down, or at an angle depending on if you want more or less volume with this style.

Pro tip: If you’re trying to go for a “glam” style, curl towards your face and brush out the curls and form them together to create the “finger wave” look :)

1.5” Iron
Type of Curl: Beach Waves

These are the highest trending curls right now. The best part about achieving this style with the TYME Iron: your curls STAY how you curl them! So many women have to curl their hair tighter than they want to wear them because by day 2 or 3 they will look how they wanted them to look. This is a thing of the past!

Beach waves can be messy, and this is the fun part! Grab whatever sized section of hair and angle your TYME iron vertically. Rotate back about just until your wrist is straight, and move in a forward, down direction towards the mirror. “Drawing” your iron down will allow your curls to lean out, and will create that effortless, just stepped off the beach style!

Pro tip: Try not curling all the way through! Leaving out your ends is another way to exaggerate the beachy style.

2” Iron
Type of Curl: Loose and Relaxed

(Start video at 16 minutes)
A two-inch iron is close to the same size as a lot of round brushes, meaning its the best size for a fake blow out. Of course, our blow dryer matched with our round brush is the ideal duo for a blowout, but there’s an iron hack too! Grab a fairly large section of hair and angle your iron extremely horizontal, but with the tip (right side) or end (left side) angled slightly upwards. Rotate back very softly, and glide nice and slow towards your mirror. You should end up with a barely rounded section!

Ultimately, it’s all about hitting those different angles and rotations!!
It's the key to successfully creating any style with the TYME Iron.

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