The Budget-Friendly “Treat Yo Self” Guide

The Budget-Friendly “Treat Yo Self” Guide

We're claiming 2022 as the year of serotonin, which means we're chasing our excitement every chance we can! Sometimes that means an upgrade in products, restocking your favorite ones, or making sure you never run out. Whatever excites you on this list…chase it! 

Under $50 

Four rose gold, salon-quality hair brushes, including a detangler brush, triangle brush, paddle brush and round brush.

Investing in a quality brush will change the landscape of your hair, plus your scalp will thank you for it. Each of the brushes in our line is designed with salon-quality in mind. They promote healthier, softer hair without compromising styling capabilities. From the shower to a day-three hair refresh, these brushes will carry you through with an essence of luxury. 

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Rose gold product bottles displayed on a shelf with a clock, flowers, and a poster.

Hair Care 
Get to the root of gorgeous hair (pun intended). Our wet line products work hand-in-hand to lock in what we think is the essential part of any good head of hair: moisture! Moisturized hair lasts longer between washes and holds styles even better. Imagine what it would be like to style your hair once a week and not have to worry about it on off days. That would be pretty life-changing. 

PLUS, thanks to our subscription that is customizable to your lifestyle, stocking up on our hair care products has never been easier.

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P.s. anxious to commit to the full-size products? Check out our 30-Day Trial Kit explicitly built so you can see the incredible benefits our line has to offer. 

A black thermal sleeve with the word "TYME" on it, displayed in a wicker and beaded basket.

Heat Sleeve
While this may not seem like an "excitement chasing" product, it does excite us in one very particular way. The heat sleeve allows you to drop any concern over your hot iron. The TYME Iron Pro fits perfectly into the heat sleeve that can take on its maximum 400°F temperature and lets you store it right next to the rest of your everyday essentials without risk of damage.

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Under $150 

Rose gold shampoo and conditioner bottles sitting on a marble shelf.

Hair Care Kits
Gorgeous hair starts in the moments leading up to styling. The products you use to build your styling base make all the difference. We've packaged them in their best settings so you can stop fussing over your hair health and start taking on the day with more intention. 

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A woman's hand using a heat styling tool to curl brunette hair.

Demo Irons
If you're looking for a hair technology upgrade but are worried about your wallet, the Demo Iron is the perfect solution! These irons are gently used but are cleaned and approved for sale by our professionals. 

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Under $200 

Various colored TYME Iron Pros stacked on one another against a black background.

TYME Iron Pro 
Our flagship product is an all-in-one curling and straightening iron that creates curls, waves, and straight styles in a matter of minutes! The TYME Iron Pro isn't like the other heat tools you've used in the past; it's revolutionary. Purchasing the TYME Iron Pro isn't just an investment in your hair; it's an investment in your tyme. 

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A rose gold hair dryer in its packaging including a diffuser.

The BlowTYME hairdryer is everything you want (and need) in a blow dryer: quiet, lightweight, powerful, and beautiful. The innovative combination of ionic and ceramic technology dries your hair from the inside out, leaving your hair silky and shiny with less damage. 

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A matte black TYME Iron Pro and paddle hair brush displayed next to its packaging.

We've packaged our TYME Iron Pro with complementary products specifically for your hair goals. Whether you're looking for sky-high volume or silky, shiny hair, we have a kit that is perfect for you. 

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P.S. Start shopping for your kits by your go-to hairstyle. 

Under $400

The entire TYME rose gold product line including a hair dryer, TYME Iron Pro, four hair brushes and five wet line products.

Bombshell Kit 
This is your go big or go home moment. The key to fabulous hair is quality products. The Bombshell kit includes everything from our line to start your journey to healthier, effortlessly stunning hair! If you're looking for a sign to commit to your hair health…this is it. 

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