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The Five Brushes To Crush Your Hair Health Goals

Woman brushing hair with TYME paddle brush Long brown hair
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Choosing the right brush is just as important as choosing the right hair care product or heat-styling tool. All brushes are not created equal; they are designed for specific hair types, lengths, needs, and desired style results. Investing in a quality brush (or more, depending on how many styles you want to create and your hair needs!) will change the landscape of your hair, and your locks and scalp will thank you for it. Not sure how to choose a brush that’s right for you? Well, depending on what you are looking for (volume, lift, smooth texture, etc.), we’ve outlined each brush below, from what it does, what type of hair will benefit from using it, and what kind of results you can expect.

A detangling hair brush placed along side two other hair brushes on a white background.

Detangler Hair Brush

The Detangler Brush is here to save your scalp and hair from the typically uncomfortable process of getting rid of tangles and snarls. This little luxury is a great tool to get rid of snags and snarls. Its unique, curved shape gets close to your scalp, gently massaging and exfoliating even the most sensitive scalp. Boar and nylon bristles catch every strand of hair and distribute natural oils and products for healthy, lustrous shine without frizz or flyaways. A non-slip, comfortable grip handle allows for easy manipulation, and the vented design provides maximum airflow between your dryer and hair, speeding up that dry time.

Some customer love:

“It’s easy on the hair. This brush is perfect!”
“I love how it feels when I brush my hair.”
“The best brush to help detangle and so comfortable to hold.”

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A three-inch round brush lain amongst jewelry and hair clips on a white stone tray.

3” Round Hairbrush
So much more than a traditional round brush, ours is designed with two types of bristles: nylon and boar. Gentle boar bristles will flow through hair, while nylon bristles will hold your hair in place as you are styling and drying. A quick cool shot from your BlowTYME dryer, directly on the hair section held by the brush barrel, will add some extra body and hold. This 3-inch Round Brush will create lift at the root and add volume and body to ends and length, whether your hair is short, shoulder-length, or long. The comfort grip is easy on the wrists and hands when rolling and drying hair sections.

Some customer love:
“I can blow out my curly hair to straight very quickly!”
“This brush does what it says and makes my hair super soft.”
“I’ve had many brushes, but this one is the best.”

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A triangle-shaped brush laying along side jewelry and hair clips in a white stone bowl.

Triangle Brush
This small brush delivers big results! Its unique, triangular shape helps grab short hair without pulling for easy styling. Perfect for creating volume and to round-out ends on pixie, bob, or long layered hairstyles. The Triangle Brush is great for adding lift to roots and styling layers that frame your face, too! The flat edges of this brush work perfectly to pick up hair and create extra body and smooth hair, while the non-slip comfort grip makes styling quick and easy. The Triangle Brush is a great tool to use to style fringe, face frame, or create a more curly style on long hair!

Some customer love:
“A great alternative to a round brush, great for volume.”
“I use this brush on my daughter’s thin hair!”
“I just cut my hair from long to short, and this fits right against my head, gives me the lift I need.”

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A rose gold paddle brush on a white background surrounded by other various types of hair brushes.

Paddle Brush
This Paddle Brush is an excellent tool for any hair type! Another of our professional salon-grade accessories, its wider paddle shape covers a larger area when brushing shorter and longer hair. Its soft cushiony design and flexible nylon bristles work together to reach and massage the scalp while brushing through more dense hair. When blow-drying or heat styling, the flat surface area delivers a smoother, straighter style. The non-slip comfort grip lets you control your styling experience. Gently brushing your hair has even been said to reduce stress levels, and this is the brush to do it!

Some customer love:
“I love the simplicity of this brush, simple yet so effective!”
“We have three in the house, one for me, one for my daughter, one for travel.”
“I like it for my tender head and sensitive scalp.”

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More Benefits:

  • Made with heat-resistant bristles that won’t melt or break while styling.
  • Magnetic handles! All brushes have magnetic tips so that you can hang them from most metal surfaces. Saves on clutter and frees up counter and drawer space.

A black, palm-sized shampoo brush on a white table with a white background.

Shampoo Brush

We have deemed this palm-sized brush our little manicure saver. The Shampoo Brush is great for a scalp massage both in and out of the shower, as regular scalp massages rid hair of buildup and debris and are great for circulation and overall hair health. The thick silicone bristles reach through your hair to meet your scalp for an invigorating but gentle massage. Using the Shampoo Brush regularly will stimulate the pores on your scalp, boost blood flow, exfoliate dead skin cells and clear the oil glands, giving your hair follicles a lift straight from the root.

Some customer love:
“Amazing product. Something I never thought I would need now is a must-have.”
“I had no idea how much tension my scalp was holding there until I used this tool.”
“Works well and feels great!”

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Keep brushes free of hair, removing excess each time you use them. The average life of a brush used every day is up to a year, depending on hair length and type. Replace your brushes as needed to keep your hair looking healthy and feeling amazing!

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