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How Opportunity and Trust brought TYME CEO, Jacynda Smith's Small, Woman-Owned Business To The Next Level

How Opportunity and Trust brought TYME CEO, Jacynda Smith's Small, Woman-Owned Business To The Next Level

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Like most iconic American companies, TYME started in a garage with some broken supplies. Luckily TYME CEO, Jacynda Smith had a few things going for her: a cousin with an engineering background and a common problem with a resolution. The common problem? Women who couldn't (and some of us are still learning) replicate the styles they were getting at the salon. Jacynda's cosmetology background, paired with the know-how of an engineer, brought on an excellent solution to this problem: the TYME Iron.

Little did she know, Jacynda would be faced with a plethora of other challenges, too.
What should the TYME Iron look like?
Who are we selling the iron to?
How do we teach women to use this product?
And more profound lessons like "Am I good enough to lead a company?"

These questions lead to Jacynda adopting many invaluable skills, but one essential one: decision-making.

"There are so many lessons that come with owning a business, like understanding your role of responsibility," Jacynda said. "Responsibility is just the ABILITY to RESPOND. When a moment to make a decision presents itself, it's your job to find a response. No one else will decide for you. There is no authority! Sometimes decisions require a lot of thought, and sometimes a decision can happen right at the moment. Find your various decision-making processes and respond."

Jacynda's ability to respond brought the company through many evolutions, but a few decisions made throughout the company's nine-year existence have made all the difference. Here are Jacynda's top lessons in leveling up this small, midwestern business.

#1 - Prioritize Customer Service
"No one's business would be what it is without the people connecting with it. We knew this from the start, and creating a heat tool unlike any other on the market would make this even more challenging. So we got to work. From the beginning, TYME has shared endless educational videos teaching women how to use the TYME Iron to achieve the styles they love successfully. When that wasn't enough, we implemented HangTYME sessions to remedy the disconnect in education. This solution led to a wet line - helping women truly care for their hair - even more educational content and new tools to help them achieve their desired looks."

#2 - Bend the Rules
"Your marketing can be out of the box. It's ok if it doesn't work with some, it will resonate with others, and they will like your business even more for it. The same goes for how you manage your team. We understand the realness of life. Your work hours don't have to be traditional work hours. Not everyone loves working or can work a 9-5, five days a week. Think about creating an environment where people can work when they can't sleep at night and want to take advantage of the opportunity to be productive, or if they're a morning person, they can get started on their day earlier. You'll quickly find that when your team can work in an inspired moment instead of a required moment, they can be more productive in less time."

#3 - Trust your Team
"It is vital to understand that people love feeling empowered and thrive in an environment that nurtures their growth (except when they aren't ready or right for your team, and that's ok). When you give a member of your team the ability to own their role and explore their duties in a way that inspires them, their work and success will most likely exceed expectations. You will both make mistakes (which is just a Mis Take). You can look at them as failures or opportunities to learn, and you can pivot when you realize where you missed."

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