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Our 6-Step Guide To Winter Hair Care

Our 6-Step Guide To Winter Hair Care

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We’re slowly feeling the effects of winter. Living in an area that experiences temperature and weather extremes has us familiar with adding or removing a few steps to the “getting ready” process as the seasons change. As a Midwest-based company, we’re no strangers to the idea of layers, having at least a quarter-full tank, and adding oil to our skin-care regiment to beat the harsh temperatures.

Having healthy hair all year long is the norm for some people, but for those who have ebbing and flowing relationships with our hair, taking special care of our hair in the winter is vital to a year-round shine. Here’s our winter hair care guide to healthier locks (and glowing skin) in the midst of winter.

Gold and champagne colored shampoo and conditioner bottles resting on a white bathtub.

1. Scream it with us, “Moisturize!”

Winter air lacks any moisture, which leaves your skin and hair feeling the same way: dry! A frizz and static-free winter starts with moisturized hair. Keeping a healthy shine throughout the winter has everything to do with your washing routine and the products you’re using in your routine. A good shampoo and conditioner duo will work to gently clean your hair and provide moisture, but a great shampoo and conditioner, however, will do both of those things while working to promote healthy hair follicles and protect your hair cuticle from outside stressors. Adding protective and moisturizing products to your styling routine (on top of a stellar shampoo and conditioner) will elevate your hair’s water retention ten-fold.

P.s. Winter is the perfect time to work on extending your wash cycle. Grab your favorite beanie and start here.

A woman brushing through her auburn-colored hair.

2. Drink even more water.

There’s nothing quite like the glow of a healthy body. Winter weather brings on a great opportunity to look at your overall health and how your everyday routine can bring on a new definition of wellness. Meeting those daily water intake goals and adding an array of different vitamins to your diet will help replenish your body from the inside out and bring a new level of moisture to your skin and hair.

A stylist using multi-colored shears to trim a blonde woman's hair.

3. Clean it up.

Damaged ends grow upward. Stop them in their tracks by giving your hair a new breathe of life with a cut. Staying up-to-date on a regular cut (or trim) cycle will help elevate your hair health. If a trim sounds intimidating or doesn’t fall in line with your hair goals, opt for a dusting cut to tame flyaways and split-end growth.

AND clean your brushes! (Or just buy new ones;) ) Product build-up on your brushes can affect your overall scalp health and act as an absorbent, pulling all your freshly applied product out of your hair.

A stylist washing a blonde woman's hair in a black salon sink.

4. Make friends with cold showers.

When stylists and hair industry professionals talk about heat, we’re not limiting it to heat that comes from a machine. While using a thermal protectant should always be a must in your styling routine, the potential of heat damage starts before that.

Let’s be honest, hot showers are one of the finer things in life but not necessarily the friendliest when it comes to our hair. Washing with warmer temperature water is perfectly fine, but rinsing out conditioner in a cold shower will help close the hair cuticle, ensuring all that moisture-giving product is locked in.

Your skin will thank you, too.

A gold colored brush passing through brunette curly hair.

5. Be Gentle with Yourself

Your hair experiences so much stress throughout the winter. Take extra time when brushing through it, and always make sure to start from the ends of your hair and work your way up. A few of our favorite tricks to avoid unnecessary tangles include:

  • Clipping your hair back or tucking it into the back of your jacket/coat, so it doesn’t get caught up in the maze of layers
  • Brushing before you get in the shower to avoid that dreaded mid-shower tear through (we’ve all been there before)

A woman with red hair getting ready in a bathroom mirror.

6. Simplify Your Routine

Protecting your hair and giving it its best life doesn’t have to be complicated. Focus on these key pieces:

A Six-Step Guide To Winter Hair Care
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