30 Day Hair Washing Challenge: Part 2

30 Day Hair Washing Challenge: Part 2

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There is tons of appeal in not washing your hair every day. The shorter shower time, the styles that last for days, and spending less money on shampoos and conditioners are just a few of the perks.

We consider ourselves experts at the art of saving time, so we have put together a few hacks to stop you from spending hours a week getting ready for the thing you’re about to do, to actually getting out the door to do that thing!

Chart to help you go longer between washes

Before we dive in, extending your wash cycle is about more than just saving time. Your scalp and the longevity of your gorgeous locks will benefit immensely from fewer washes. If you’re just starting out on this journey, try our 30 Day Hair Washing Challenge!


For the ladies who can make a wash last 2-3 days.

First off, we are so proud of you for making the jump from everyday washes! Your hair is proud of you too! This is a fun place to be on your washing journey because you really get to experiment. A great place to start is with your shampoo and conditioner! It’s true not all products are made the same. Some support longer washing cycles while others are filled with unnecessary chemicals that weigh your hair down.

Woman showing pregame shampoo and showoff conditioner


For the ladies who can make a wash last 4-6 days.

You are doing so well! Chances are your wash is lasting this long with the help of dry shampoo. We want you to try and stop using dry shampoo altogether. The ingredients used in them trick your scalp into thinking it needs to produce more natural oils to compensate for the temporary fix. If you’re looking for a little assistance making a look last, try using BigTYME Root Lift Powder. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make!

To offset this shift in your routine, we suggest experimenting with your styling routine. Here are two basic methods that can help you make the leap from 2 to 3 days to 4-6!

Woman with side ponytail

1. Different Styles

Try spicing up your look by cycling through distinct looks that make your wash last longer! Make your wash day the easiest style and work towards a more complex one. For instance, day one = straight, day two = curled, day three = low bun with textured face-framing pieces.


Woman blowdrying her hair

2. Make it Last

Another great test to push your hair to the next washing cycle to try to make your day one style last! After washing your hair, take the time to properly blow-dry, and style it using essential products like a thermal protectant and hairspray.


For the ladies who can make a wash last 7+ days.

We’re positive you already know what you’re doing, but here are a few key tips from our TYME team.

Worried about an odor?

Our entire line of TYME products has the same scent! Don’t worry about conflicting product scents making your day four hair stink. We’ve got the goods to keep you smelling and looking fresh well past day seven.

Upstaged thermal protectant

Refresh your look with one product!

If your lived-in look is starting to get a bit unruly, grab a trusty hairbrush and a bottle of Upstaged. Upstaged is our wonder product! This thermal protectant does so much more than just keep your locks safe from heat, it can be used as a gentle alternative to hairspray that can help revive your style.

Woman curling face frame pieces of her hair

Give fresh life to day(s) old curls!

Give your look a boost by ONLY curling the top and face-framing sections. This will revive your entire look without applying reapplying heat to all of your locks. Plus, it adds tons of texture and volume in a fraction of the time.

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