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30 Day Hair Washing Challenge: Part 2

30 Day Hair Washing Challenge: Part 2
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We have spent the better part of the past year messy, comfortable, crying, you name it. None of us were quite ready for the isolation brought on with COVID-19. Somewhere along the way, it seems like we turned our sight inward and started that work, the healing work. We decided to face the things we had been avoiding, head-on. This process helped us clear space for the new version of ourselves, the authentic version.

Our team at TYME is challenging you to truly dedicate yourself to this new, authentic you. Being able to present that version of yourself takes time, and we all have plenty of that right now, don’t we? In this challenge, we are encouraging you to survey all the parts of your life that take too much of your time, specifically getting ready for the day. We want you to spend less time in the bathroom getting ready, and more time out in the world doing the things you love.

How do we cut that time?

Washing your hair, less.

Think about it. On an average day, washing your hair plus blow drying AND styling? That would take over an hour, easy. WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?

Bare with us

Extending your wash cycle is definitely a challenge, especially if you’re an every day washer. Your scalp and hair follicle have adjusted to your wash cycle and anything out of the ordinary will cause them to work in over-drive, aka you’ll get greasy hair fairly quickly. While we don’t want you walking around with some late-90s slicked back hair, we do want you to try and bare with a little excess grease. (Don’t worry, we’ve put together a couple of hairstyles that will help get you through!) That means NO DRY SHAMPOO during this challenge.

Full disclosure: While dry shampoo may come in clutch when you have pushed your wash cycle a little too far, it really isn’t doing much for your scalp. Training your hair without the help of dry shampoo is best for your scalp health.

Start Small

Chart to help you go longer between washes

X = days to wash your hair

Try this washing pattern! We’re not asking you to jump in and go 7 days between washes right away. If you wash your hair every day now, try going every other day for a week. Once your hair and scalp get used to that (usually about a week process) work on extending your wash by one more day and stay there until your scalp gets used to it again. Take the time you need, as this calendar is just a general guideline. You may need to play around with the schedule for what works for you. If you need to stick on washing your hair every three days for more than two weeks, that is a-okay! Allowing your scalp to adjust at a comfortable pace is key!

Woman showing pregame shampoo and showoff conditioner

Win Big

Why is extending your wash good to consider? Not only is it better for your scalp and hair health, but it is going to save you tons of time and product! Getting ready will take half the time on the days you aren’t washing and blow-drying your hair, and if you practice this routine and use proper products, your hairstyles will follow suit. Your curls will last for days instead of just hours. Most of us here at TYME wash and style our hair once a week ;)

After this 30 day challenge, you should find yourself able to go more days without washing your hair. Was your goal to go 4 days? Amazing! Was your goal 7 days? No problem, continue this calendar into month two and just keep extending your days between washes by one day until your scalp is ready.

Terms and Condition(er)s

Shampoos and conditioners are not created the same way. We always advocate for a filler-free product, like Pregame and Showoff. They are the best for your scalp health and will get you the results you’re looking for, faster.

Another crucial aspect of this challenge is how you treat your hair after its washed. Here are our recommendations for the best outcome:

  • Use a lightweight thermal protectant before styling.
  • If blow drying, we typically suggest waiting until your hair is 70% or 80% dry before drying. Make sure you’re drying on a cool/warm setting, not hot.
  • Air drying is a great damage-free solution, too!
  • If you have gone past the point of no return and your hair is a little too oily, opt for a root lift powder instead of a dry shampoo. The powder will give your hair a matte appearance and give you styling power!

Think of all the things you could do with an extra hour. You have the opportunity to give yourself that time right at your fingertips (literally)! Don’t sell yourself short. All it takes is 30 days of practicing a small piece of self-care. WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

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