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What To Look For When Air Drying Hair

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You just took the most relaxing bath of your life and your hair is sopping wet. Sometimes we don’t want to get rid of those calm, comfy vibes by blow-drying our hair! (Although the BlowTYME is extremely quiet...) Another option is to let those locks air dry and keep your #selfcare moment lasting!

At TYME there is a #1 topic that we stick health. We love wash-cycle longevity and amazing styles, but you can’t achieve those things without healthy hair. Below are a few tips to boost the health of your hair while getting to ditch the blow dryer for a wash or two.

Pay Attention

Checking The Time

When you let your hair air dry it’s best to pay attention to the amount of time it takes to dry. The faster the better, which means you have healthy hair. If it takes a long time, that means your hair requires some moisture! Think about it, if your hair is taking forever to dry - especially blow dry - you’re putting direct heat on your hair for a significant amount of time, therefore, drying it out even more. It’s a vicious cycle leading to serious hair damage.

If your drying time is taking too long - air drying or blow drying - it’s time to take a step back and focus on the moisture levels of your hair.

Reduce Frizz & Elevate Your Natural Texture

Girl with natural curls

Having thicker or coarse hair is always a struggle when it comes to drying. Of course, making sure our hair is moisturized properly is vital, but switching up our drying style can almost completely change the feel of our hair. People with curly hair should try using products that are moisturizing and help with the definition of curls without becoming oily or crunchy.

Combine those products with a gentle towel dry will smooth your locks and give new life to your thirsty curls. On the other hand, people with thinner, straight hair should try products to add some texture to their hair. Volumizing powder sprays can instantly give you that beachy look you’re dying for.

Air Drying Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Woman using Upstaged Thermal Protectant

Just because it’s a bit of a lengthier process than normal, doesn’t mean it has to be lame. Take these opportunities to play with the texture of your hair and try new products you normally wouldn’t. Try using a styling product like Upstaged! It can add serious texture and structure to a style. Texturizing Sprays like BigTYME can elevate your hairstyles for that entire wash cycle. This stuff will add wild lift to your hair - doing more than replacing the lift you would normally get from blow-drying.

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