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Putting TYME To The Test

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We do weird things to make our bodies feel their best. Juice cleanses, we won’t wear make-up for an extended period, cut out carbs, the list goes on. Something we’ve noticed in the hair care industry is that no one has a reset for your hair, which in our opinion, is one of the easiest things to reset! So, we’ve condensed our top-selling wet line products into a 30-day transformation kit.

The Products

The kit includes our shampoo and conditioner duo: Power Couple, our five-in-one thermal protectant+: Upstaged, and an unbelievably flexible hair spray: SelfieTYME. These four products work hand-in-hand to lock in what we think is the essential part of any good head of hair: moisture!

The root of most people’s hair complaints is dry hair.
Sick of frizz? You need more moisture.
Hair won’t hold a curl? You need more moisture.
Greasy? Your scalp is trying to create the moisture your hair desperately needs.

Let’s talk about how each of these products works to help you obtain that perfect moisture level.

Pregame Shampoo
Our shampoo is derived from Baobab Tree Oil and gently cleanses the hair without stripping it of the good oils our scalp and hair need. We’ve worked extra hard to develop a paraben-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free, color-safe formula that does what it claims to do: moisturize your hair.

The best part? This shampoo works with our Showoff Conditioner, so you don’t have to wash your hair as often.*

*ok. We already know what you’re going to say, “But I have to wash my hair every day, or it gets greasy.” GIRL! We mean it. We’re a woman-owned business, and we know how much time it takes to wash, dry and style your hair every day. Imagine how much more time you could spend sleeping if you didn’t have to do that every morning….it’s worth a shot.

Showoff Conditioner
Showoff contains a unique combination of baobab tree extracts, antioxidants, and vegetable proteins that revive and repair overstressed hair. All of these ingredients work to protect your hair from damage during chemical processes and heat styling, too. Our conditioner restores the delicate pH balance of your hair and gives shine and softness without causing buildup.

Upstaged Thermal Protectant
We’ve nicknamed this five-in-one product “Liquid Gold.” On top of being one of the best thermal protectants in hair care, this product can be used from start to finish! Upstaged really can do it all:

  • Apply to wet hair to help lock in moisture
  • (good-bye leave-in conditioner)
  • Use as a curl enhancer for the days you want to go for a natural look.
  • (good-bye curl creams and gels)
  • Apply before styling both as a thermal protectant and mild styling agent
  • (no more worrying whether your hair is going to hold onto the style you’re working hard to create)
  • Use on fingertips to refine stubborn sections of hair that need a little more love.
  • (hello to the perfect face-framing pieces)
  • Pair with a blowdryer to refresh hair after workouts!

SelfieTYME Hairspray
This hairspray is concocted with memory resins making it a dream come true! Not only does it hold your look for days on end, but you can brush, flip, tie back, do whatever to your hair, and with just a twist of your finger, your curls will pop back into action. It applies like a traditional stronghold hairspray, but within seconds you’ll notice how touchably soft this product is.

Why 30 Days?

You’re not going to know if that twelve-step skincare routine is good for your skin after one try.

The same thing goes for your hair! Going through the 30-day #TYMETrials allows your hair and scalp to adjust to the products.

If your scalp is dry, it’s going to take a couple of washes for the chemical make-up of your skin and products to start working together. We’re positive you’ll notice slight differences after each wash. After a whole month on TYME products, your hair is going to be completely different.

A blonde woman posing to display freshly styled hair

The Results
We’ve seen tons of women willing to put in the work and use all of the different products “guaranteed” to lock in moisture. Still, those routines don’t always fit into everyday life. Imagine what it would be like to style your hair once a week and not have to worry about it on off days. That would be pretty life-changing.

After 30 days of using TYME products, you’ll be able to feel and see a difference in your hair texture and how it interacts with the elements. Here are a few things to keep track of during your process:

  • Your curl definition
  • Frizz
  • The texture of your hair
  • How styles hold
  • How long it takes to dry
  • Growth pattern
  • Overall hair strength.

Before and after pics are always welcome! ;)
You got this!

Terms and Condition(ers)

Forgo the use of dry shampoo during this challenge (and hopefully long term, with the exception of extreme cases) Just like washing every day, dry shampoo strips your hair of the natural oils your scalp is naturally creating, which is exactly what we don’t want in this process. Using dry shampoo will backtrack all of the progress you have made!

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