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The Perfect Products To Elevate Your Look Based On Hairstyle

A brunette woman with long hair styles her hair with a TYME Iron Pro against a white brick back drop.

Ready Time: 2 min 27 sec

We have removed the guessing game that comes with product shopping. Put your best foot forward by shopping for the person you want to be and the hair you want to have! These collections of products make getting ready in the morning second nature, so you can put more energy toward the day ahead and less trying to get that one piece of hair to lay perfectly (we’ve ashamedly been there too many times.)

Meet our heat tools

A four product image featuring the TYME Iron Pro, BlowTYME Hairdryer, BlowBrush and TYME Iron Air

The TYME Iron Pro
We started our journey in the hair care industry with the TYME Iron Pro. This powerful and next step in styling tools uses flash heat technology to work faster on all hair types allowing you to put less heat stress on your hair.

BlowTYME Hair Dryer
Doubling down on reducing heat exposure, we built a customizable blowdryer with three different heat settings, two fan speed settings, and an on or off cool blast settings, so you can control just how much heat your locks are exposed to.

The BlowBrush
We listened to our customer base and the need for even more efficiency throughout our day, and decided to make the BlowBrush apart of the TYME family. The BlowBrush combines the power of a traditional blowdryer and puts it into the mold of a round brush giving you the power to create effortless blowouts.

The TYME Iron Air
The TYME Iron Air is our solution to a beginner friendly tool. The ergonomic design is familiar to those who have curled with a traditional curling iron, while still giving users the capabilities to curl and straighten with less heat exposure.

Effortless Curls

Creating effortless curls is easier than ever with the TYME Iron Pro. After completing our simple steps to stunning curls, give your fresh curls a rejuvenating spritz of TYMELESS repair and shine spray. This spray acts as a setting spray for your hair locking in moisture. This extra dose of moisture allows your hair to hold its style even longer.

Finish the look off with a gentle pass-through of the incredible paddle brush. We didn't know luxury until we used this brush. The nylon bristles are soft on your scalp and give your locks just enough manipulation for perfectly tamed curls.

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TYME Iron Pro
Paddle Brush

Chic Blowout

Bring runway looks into your everyday life with the BlowBrush. By using the flat sides of the BlowBrush to smooth your hair and the curved sides to add volume and curl, there's no end to the different styles you can create.

Prepare your hair with a powerful thermal protectant like Upstaged and immediately start styling with the BlowBrush.

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Upstaged Thermal Protectant

Voluminous Curls

Now and then, we need a good dose of volume, and with the 90s trends making their way back, we love having this tutorial in our back pocket.

A big rotation of the TYME Iron will give you big, beautiful, bouncing curls, that you won't want to stop touching. Finish off the look with a gentle pass-through of a paddle brush and you won't be able to stop checking yourself out.

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TYME Iron Pro: Cosmo
Paddle Brush

Rocker Waves

"Rocker Waves" are the perfect transition style to spice up your day one, two, or three-day hair. A slow and steady rocking motion (back and forth) through your locks will achieve this aesthetic. The TYME Iron also leaves this style looking like "natural" waves, so if you have naturally curly hair, this may be an excellent curl to use to enhance a few curls that aren't as defined as you like!

Add a spritz of Upstaged Thermal Protectant for a natural and light hold, but finish off the look with an extra dose of body with BigTYME Root Lift Powder. The hold and volume these two products produce may leave you with a brand new "everyday" look.

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TYME Iron Pro
Upstaged Thermal Protectant
BigTYME Root Lift Powder

Beach Waves

No matter what your preferred style of beach waves, the TYME Iron can make it happen. If you're looking for a looser wave created with large sections, all it takes is a slight rotation at a nearly vertical angle. Want a touch more definition? Take a smaller selection of hair and angle your iron more toward a 45-degree angle.

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TYME Iron Pro
TYME Iron Air

Long and Luscious

Women with long hair deserve some TLC! Brushing can be a tedious task, but we've opted to add a level of luxury to the experience with the gentle and scalp massaging paddle brush. Also, after years of spending tons of time curling those locks, having a tool that creates those same curls in a fraction of the time is a must!

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TYME Iron Pro

Create your Favorite Style

The right tools can help you create ANY look you really want. That's the entire reason we made the TYME Iron. This versatile tool puts the styling power of a professional in your hands. Whether you want endless curls or silky straight locks, this tool can do it all.

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TYME Iron Pro

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