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Debunking 9 Hair Care Myths For Visibly Healthier Hair

Debunking 9 Hair Care Myths For Visibly Healthier Hair

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Hair is a tool we use to define ourselves, whether culturally or individually. It's ours and belongs to us. We get so fixated on it being perfect (especially in America, but that's a conversation for another time). In each of our journeys to "having better hair," we've probably taken to the internet, a group of trusted girlfriends, or our original teachers, our moms, to try and figure out how to tame our strands.

Every person's hair journey is theirs, and we think that's something extraordinary. (I mean, let's be honest, how often do we get to spend time worrying about just ourselves these days.) However, there are a few hair truths we know that hold up for nearly every head and will help you learn how to take care of your hair.

#1 - Your hair requires moisture.

#2 - Brush from the bottom and work your way up before you start styling (curly-haired girls, you're included)

Keeping those two crucial factors in mind, here are a few hair myths we can't stop thinking about and what you actually should be doing to take care of your hair.

Hydrating shampoo and conditioner sitting inside of a shower.

"I have to wash my hair every day because it gets greasy."

Quick answer: Your "greasy hair" actually needs more moisture.

But, there are a lot of factors that go into how often you should wash your hair. The main one, though, is hygiene. It would be best if you always strived for a clean scalp. However, washing your hair every two to three days is perfectly fine. It may even give you some unbelievable results that you didn't know where possible. If you want to get into the weeds on why your scalp gets so oily so quickly, we suggest starting with our 30 Day Washing Challenge.

"Curls only last on dirty hair."

Quick answer: Curls last on hydrated hair.

Don't get us wrong, dirty hair has its advantages, but ultimately, hydrated hair will always hold a curl. Opt for a shampoo conditioner duo that focuses on how your hair performs rather than looks. The best-kept secret in hair is that well-hydrated hair will always have that healthy, shiny look.

"Conditioner weighs my hair down."

Quick answer: You might be using too much conditioner.

Not all conditioners are made the same. Some companies focus on what we call the "early 2000's hair commercial" hair, meaning they only care about shine and silk…but that's not reality. Some people have thicker, coarser hair, and we think it's detrimental to put a potentially damaging expectation on hair. So how can you condition your hair without weighing it down? Use a conditioner that focuses on strong moisturized hair AND can be used at the root. Let's be honest the equation for voluminous hair starts with a moisturized scalp + moisturized hair.

If you're hesitant about the results, don't be afraid to start small. A quarter size of conditioner can get you far.

The TYME Iron Pro styling tool curling brunette hair.

"Heat is bad for your hair."

Quick answer: Too much heat is bad for your hair.

Think about the desert…now the two types of desert. They're both dry, but their environments make them completely different. The cracked desert you are thinking of is exposed to too much heat, while the other is hot but not that hot. Products can only do so much. When you apply too much heat, what happens to hair is a complete depletion of moisture. Over-drying and over-styling are pulling too much water out.

How do you avoid heat damage? First and foremost, invest in products that promote moisture and heat protection. Learning how to blow dry your hair to close the cuticle properly can make a huge difference. But ultimately, applying less heat is the answer. That's where TYME comes in. We've built a line of products that promote healthy hair that performs well and the TYME Iron that only needs to be used once every wash cycle.

"My hair only grows in the back."

Quick answer: All of your hair follicles grow at the same rate.

Don't be this girl. Your hair grows at the same rate, BUT people tend to apply heat around the front face-framing areas of their hair, damaging it consistently, making for broken strands that just aren't as long as the rest.

Hair shears about to cut the dead ends of blonde hair for a dusting cut.

"I don't want to get my hair cut; I'm trying to grow it out."

Quick answer: You should look into dusting cuts!

The easiest way to grow out your hair is to make sure it's healthy and moisturized. Healthy hair tends to grow quickly. You may need to look at your overall hair health (how often you apply heat, your drying methods, etc.) and not just your cutting habits to achieve the length you want. Talk with your hairstylist about your hair goals because the type of cut they give you right now may be hindering your end goals, and no one wants to endure that awkward hair length stage.

"Hairspray your hair before curling to make them last longer."

Quick answer: Unless it's a working hair spray (and says it on the bottle), do not do this.

There are some powerful working hairsprays out in the world, but honestly, the best way to make curls last longer is by having hydrated hair. Moisturized hair performs best, especially when it comes to heat-treated styles. Before blowdrying and curling, use a strong thermal protectant, and let your freshly curled hair cool in place before brushing through it.

"I have to straighten before curling."

Quick answer: Opt for a blowout instead.

Think of a slinky…take a slinky out of its shape, and then try to force it back into shape… that's a really hard task! The same applies to your hair. You're stretching the strands to their limit and doubling the reduction of hydrogen bonds (aka moisture) in your hair, so it's not going to shape into the curl as well as you'd like it. We recommend blowdrying your hair toward a straighter style and then curling.

Travel-sized hair care products.

“I have a cabinet full of hair care products, and I’m still not getting the results.”

Quick answer: Get products that work together to promote hydrated hair.

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