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A Breathe Of Fresh (h)Air: Introducing The TYME Iron Air

TYME Iron Air in the color Ocean Breeze.

We’re so excited to be opening our TYME line to an extremely versatile product, the TYME Iron Air. This slender heat tool levels up when it comes to styling capabilities and happens to look gorgeous on a counter.

We believe hair care should be made easy and should reflect who we are without taking time out of day. The TYME Iron Air checks all of those boxes. This incredibly user-friendly curling iron and straightener in one gives you big results whiles still being easy to use, completely customizable, with fast results. From beginner to expert, the TYME Iron Air is the ultimate easy-to-learn styling tool with salon-quality results.

The TYME Iron Air includes features like an LED temperature setting, an ergonomic open clasp, on/off fan control, cool air vents, and ceramic plates

The Details

The TYME Iron Air looks similar in shape to a traditional one-inch curling iron, even down to the opening mechanism. When users press down on the ergonomically designed thumb pad, two ceramic plates open for styling. The curved exterior of the iron paired with the flat iron-styled ceramic plates allows for multi-way styling. But the real game-changer? Cool-air vents. The curved outer edge is equipped with fan-powered ventilation to quickly cool styled hair in place, creating instant and longer-lasting results. This stunning piece of technology feels luxurious in hand while working hard for all hair types.

TYME CEO, Jacynda Smith, changing the TYME Iron Air temperature between 280 and 430 degrees Farenheit.

The Tech

TYME Iron Air is a stunning piece of machinery. Users have their choice between five customizable heat settings between 280-460 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the iron has reached the desired temperature, the cool-air vents automatically trigger, giving you the heads up that it's time to style. Users also have the option to turn the fan on and off for different varieties of styles.

We added a few of the luxurious touches from the TYME Iron Pro, like the 360-degree swivel cord and dual voltage so you never find yourself in a tangle.

How To Style

The TYME Iron Air is made for everyone. This user-friendly tool is simple enough to pick up and instantly start styling. Once the TYME Iron Air has reached its desired temperature, the cool-air vents automatically turn on. Once you hear the fan running, pick the iron up with your dominant hand (yes, we heard you lefties!), open the ceramic plates via the thumb pad and place a small section of hair between the plates. Once you’ve secured your hair between the plates at the root, rotate the iron whichever way you desire and push the iron forward down the hair strand.

A Note From Our CEO:

"We’ve always been centered around the concept of making hair easier. Everything from our heat styling tools to our hair care line focuses on just that. The TYME Iron Air makes getting ready and creating the curls you love even easier, especially for beginners. It’s the perfect introductory tool for people who are convinced they can’t do hair. The TYME Iron Air will completely change your mindset toward getting ready and the time it should take." - Jacynda Smith.

From beginner to expert, the TYME Iron Air is the ultimate easy-to-learn styling tool with salon-quality results. Find out if the TYME Iron Air is a good fit for your morning routine.

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