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What Is The Difference Between the TYME Iron Pro and TYME Iron Air?

What Is The Difference Between the TYME Iron Pro and TYME Iron Air?

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Hey there! Chances are you’re in the market for a new styling tool and trying to decide between the TYME Iron Pro and the TYME Iron Air. We are here to help!

First things first, we’re looking toward a future of faster styling times and longer-lasting curls because life is meant to be lived and not reserved for getting ready to live. We firmly believe that both of these irons accomplish that goal!

The Quick Overview

TYME Iron Pro features a patented design, five heat settings, titanium plates, automatic shutoff and a swivel cord.

TYME Iron Pro

The patented design of the TYME Iron Pro makes it truly one of a kind. A slight twist leads into two straightener-styled titanium plates, making the rotation of curling even easier. A curved lip guides curls to cool on the rounded side of the iron, while an open edge allows you to straighten with ease. The styling capabilities are heightened with user-friendly details like customizable heat settings between 300-400°F, a temperature memory to get you styling at your favorite temperature even faster, and a 30-minute auto shut-off to keep your mind at ease.

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TYME Iron Air includes cool air vents, LED temperature settings, ergonomic open clasp, ceramic plates and an on/off fan control.

TYME Iron Air

The cool-air vents of TYME Iron Air work to set your curls for longer-lasting hairstyles. The ergonomic design resembles a traditional curling iron, opening two straightener-style ceramic plates. The ceramic plates are surrounded by cool-air vents designed to set curls in place. TYME Iron Air is a perfect tool for all skill levels, especially beginners. We paired that easy styling with features like an automatic fan with on/off control, a temperature range of 280-430°F, and a 360° swivel cord.

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We’ve tested these irons on many different hair types and lengths with absolute success. Both the TYME Iron Pro and TYME Iron Air can create gorgeous curls and silky straight finishes on ALL types of hair.

The TYME Irons perform differently on thin and thick hair.

styling on thin vs thick hair

Similarities: The TYME Iron Pro and TYME Iron Air have traditional straightener plates requiring a flat hair section. The plates work to dual heat your hair versus a conventional curling iron that only provides heat from one side.

Differences: The TYME Iron Pro uses titanium plates for a faster heat transfer and instant styles, whereas the TYME Iron Air has ceramic plates that heat hair at a slower rate risking less damage for those with ultra-fine or chemically treated hair.

The TYME Irons perform differently on straight and curly hair.

styling on straight vs curly hair

Similarities: Both irons prioritize the idea that “where hair cools is where it stays.” The TYME Iron Pro allows the hair to cool along the curved outside of the iron and is similar to the TYME Iron Air, which also utilizes cool-air vents.

Differences: The TYME Iron Pro’s titanium plates flash heat hair for a faster heating process allowing naturally curly hair to smooth and curl in one pass. In contrast, the TYME Iron Air’s ceramic plates apply a slower heat transfer and work best on already smoothed hair.

The TYME Iron's perform differently on short and long hair.

styling on short vs long hair

Similarities: Both irons style in a top-to-the-bottom method, meaning you start your curls near the root and push the iron through the length of your hair. The ergonomic designs of both irons allow users to simply rotate their wrists for a full curl rather than turning the hot tool multiple times to create a curl.

Differences: The TYME Iron Pro has wider titanium plates that can hold more hair, while the TYME Iron Air has thinner ceramic plates that can immediately curl right at the root.

The actual differences between the irons lie within their capability. Like a tablet or laptop, the Pro version of our iron offers more processing power like variety in curl types, efficiency, and professional quality styles. The Air version produces stunning results, with fewer capabilities while cost accessible.

Find which TYME Iron best fits your lifestyle with our one-minute quiz! 

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