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The BlowBrush Is A Total Game Changer

TYME BlowBrush Blow Drying Brush

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Say hello to your new best friend: the Blow Brush.

At TYME, we're all about making your life easier. We want everything to happen faster and have a lasting impact. Some call it lazy...we call it efficient. That's why we've re-added the Blow Brush to our TYME product family. This powerful heat tool is the definition of versatile. The styling capabilities of a round brush have teamed up with ionic technology to give you the world's easiest blowout. The Blow Brush takes on all hair types and leaves each user with a stunning smooth-to-the-touch finish.

TYME BlowBrush Blow Drying Brush Details

The Details

The barrel of the Blow Brush has four sides: two curved and two flat. These different sides give you complete control over what type of blowout you want to create.

Want a straight look that will last for days? Easy...use the flat sides.

Want a voluptuous 90s-Esque blowout? Use the curved sides!

Like our other brushes, the BlowBrush has both nylon and faux boar bristles that grab every strand of hair. This control allows the airflow vents to evenly reach the bulk of your hair, ensuring that every strand is as dry as the next.

BlowBrush Blow Drying Settings

The Tech

We upgraded your drying experience with ionic technology. Ionic hair dryers work to minimize water molecules surrounding each strand of hair. This minimization leads to quicker evaporation time, aka speedier drying time. While shortening your drying time has obvious benefits, it also minimizes your hair's exposure to heat.

The range in our setting allows for a completely customizable experience for all hair types.


The low setting has a low heat temperature with a high fan speed. This combination is perfect for drying the bulk of any hair type and is recommended for styling fine, chemically treated hair.


When your hair is near 80% dry, we recommend switching to the Medium setting. This setting has a lower fan speed with a higher heat temperature, making it ideal for styling. If you're looking for that perfectly smooth blowout, finish on this setting.


The high setting is best used on thicker, curly hair. The high fan speed matched with a higher temperature setting is ideal for creating smoothed, voluminous hair.

How-to Style

Using the BlowBrush is as simple as brushing your hair! Prepare your wet hair with a thermal protectant and brush through any knots for a strong base to start with. Use your pointer finger and thumb to grab vertical sections of hair and lay them flat onto the BlowBrush. Slowly brush through your hair with the BlowBrush at your desired temperature. For more volume, approach the hair from underneath, and for a sleeker look, approach the hair from above. Additionally, use the curved side of the BlowBrush for more volume and curl or the flat side for a straighter look.

A Note from our CEO:

"I noticed a lot of my friends had incredible blowouts, and their hair was looking healthier than ever, especially their face-framing pieces. I started asking what they were doing, and all of them said, "I'm using a blow drying brush!" But every single one of them mentioned how loud theirs were. So I did the research and found one that is phenomenal and added it to our line of products!

There's nothing like having a great blowout. Having a product that keeps your natural shine and limits your heat exposure is a huge benefit above and beyond having great hair every day!"

Find more styling directions and see the BlowBrush in action on your exact hair type here.

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