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2019 Hair Styles: Bob

Bob hair style using TYME Iron Pro
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2019 is all about bobs, bangs, and layers. In this series, we will break down how to rock them in 2019 versus repeating the way they were worn in the past. We're starting with Bob. Bob, meet 2019! Here’s how you will be worn this year versus how you were styled in the past. (Video tutorial at the end)

Bob Do’s:
  • Keep the style looking organic
  • Wear it messy all over and refined in the front
  • Wear a center part
  • Feel free to have lift when parting on the side
  • Beachy waves with any part
  • Long bob
Bob’s Been There Done That:
  • Hard side part with no lift and perfect bangs
  • Stacked A line (replaced by a textured undercut) It’s a slight but huge difference

1. It’s so key to not overthink or worry about matching every curl perfectly. Let them look organic because this will just add to the laid back allure of this style!

2. Create a “lean back curl” to avoid over curling. This is a technique we use when creating a beach wave or loose curl with the TYME Iron. We aren’t going for Shirley Temple or early 2000’s prom with this style ;) To learn how, click here.

3. Make sure the ends are styled down to the floor and not up toward the ceiling. (This avoids the Carol Brady style)

4. Breaking up your curls helps make them look less “prom” and more organic and soft.

5. Use a product throughout your mid shaft and ends like SelfieTYME Hairspray or BigTYME Root Lift Power to create a more disheveled look.

6. Finalize your face frame by controlling the pieces. This allows the style to have the messy flirty feel and still allows for the #girlboss finished look!

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