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How to Create Beach Waves on Any Hair Length

Finally, the seasons are changing from winter to spring which is inspiring us to create all the beach wave styles! We love the effortless look of beach waves on short, medium, and long hair. This is also a style you can create if you have fine or coarse hair! In this post we’ll cover all the common elements regardless of hair type or length to create your dreamy beachy style, and give you tips for your specific hair type and length!
Scroll to bottom of the post for video tutorials for short and long hair.
Regardless of hair length there are similarities on how this look is created. It is important to make sure your hair is prepped for heating with a thermal protectant and brushed out for even heating.
Here are the step by step instructions no matter what hair type you have:
  1. Start with towel dried hair and apply Upstaged Thermal Protectant in damp hair to create grip and hold, and to show definition in curls.
  2. Brush through hair and air dry or blow dry, whichever is your preference.
  3. Take big, vertical sections and make loose undefined curls. (If you’re looking for a basic how-to for the TYME Iron, click here.)
  4. Alternate curls for a more disheveled look.
  5. Leave out a couple of inches at the ends. This is the #1 difference between regular curls and beach waves!
  6. If your curls got too curly, tug on curls after formed to loosen while the hair strand is still warm.
  7. Don’t be afraid to vary the curl by changing angles.
  8. Lift sections and spray SelfieTYME Hairspray to create a shattered look.
Our recommended products for this look are Upstaged Thermal Protectant, Paddle Brush, and TYME Iron Pro. You can purchase all three together at a discounted price in our Dream Team Kit.

  • For short hair leave the underneath section.
  • For long hair, start with iron in horizontal position and switch to more vertical position as you get closer to the ends to draw down the curl to keep it lean at the bottom.
  • When drawing down the curl, don’t rotate the iron.
  • Holding the iron vertically makes a more tunneled curl.
  • Holding the iron horizontally makes a more open curl.
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