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4 Hair Tips from TYME: Night Owl Routine

4 Hair Tips from TYME: Night Owl Routine

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Daily routines are not one size fits all. We all lead different lives, with their own intricacies, BUT having some tools to bring more simplicity and consistency to your day is the start to finding your perfect morning routine or routine(s).

We find the night owls of the world, a special kind of romantic. Most night owls are firing on all cylinders while the rest are tucking in. Because their bodies and brains work this way, applying a “morning routine for night owls” can feel chaotic or simply “unrealistic.” Whether you’re a night owl by choice, by trade, we have a few tricks to make getting from your bed to your day a little easier.

To get started, take an inventory of your week in your notes app. What happens consistently, and when do you typically do those things?

Specifically, pay mind to your hair.

  • What time of day and how often do you wash your hair?
  • Do you use heat on your hair every day?
  • What are the little things you do to care for your hair? 
  • Does your hair need to be "ready" at a specific daily time?

brunette woman styles her hair in a white tiled bathroom

#1 Simplify

With your average week in mind, it is important to find three specific things:
1. Your wash + dry days
2. Your style days
3. Your up-do days

Like a recipe for meal prepping, finding your hairstyle formula will make getting ready for the day more manageable. PLUS, mastering your basic routine staples gives you even more room to explore new styles without the pressure of impacting your look throughout the week.

tan and gold shampoo and conditioner bottles rest in a white tiled shower

#2 Reconstruct Your Wash Day

If wash day is an event for you, we suggest moving your wash day routine to the evening for night owls.* This will ensure you’re getting all the crucial steps done without the rush to get out of the door for the day.

Two important things happen on wash day that will make all the difference in how your hair performs until you have time to wash it again.

*If you work at night, transition your wash day to a morning schedule. 

#1 the wash itself.

We’re talking about both shampooing and conditioning. With a sopping wet head, lather in a quarter size of shampoo. Really work it in, rinse and then do it again. That’s right, by using a quarter size and shampooing twice, you’re giving your hair a cleanse that lasts and truly breaks loose any previously used products. Wring out your hair well, apply your conditioner from the middle section to the ends, and bring any excess up to the roots. Let this sit for five minutes or so, then rinse.

#2 the dry.

This piece of a wash day gets overlooked but, truthfully, is the star of the show. Whether you let your natural curls or waves steal the show for the next couple of days or aim for a straighter look, the drying process is your gateway for your next few days of styles.

We kick off every dry and style with Limitless Universal Spray, even if we’re just air drying. Limitless is our all-in-one styling aid that performs as a thermal protectant, texturizer, mousse, and so much more.

Reach for your diffuser, concentrator, or even the BlowBrush, and get started!


a blonde woman dries her hair with a blow dryer and round brush

#3 Prioritize Hair Performance

As we said, blowdrying is a HUGE part of hair care. Whether you air dry, diffuse, or go for an all-out blowout, there is one core note to remember when it comes to drying:

How you blow dry your hair influences what styles will perform best for you until your next wash day.


Your curls are going to look their best! Are you still able to straighten or curl? Totally, but if a straight look is your goal, giving yourself a blowout will be your easiest step to achieving that straight look. And we think you should let your curls have their moment for a few days if you’re going to put in the work to diffuse it!

Blowdrying with a concentrator + brush

This method will give you sleeker, straighter hair, ideal for straightening or curling. Natural curls will have difficulty coming through until you rewash them.


Similar to drying with a concentrator, this tool will give you a sleeker, straighter look, but the curved and flat sides give you more flexibility for instant styles, like a blowout.

Air Drying

Air drying is an easy solution! Make sure you’re still prepping your hair with a product that will help support future styling and that it is completely dry before going to bed.

Our average recommended style routine for night owls to get the most out of their hair:
Night 1 - Wash Day
Day 1 - Fresh, Clean Hair
Day 2 - Styled Hair
Day 3 - Day two styled hair + an accessory or half up
Day 4 - Pony or Bun + Wash Night
Day 5 - repeat the process starting from day 2

a brunette woman fans her hair over a pillow

#4 Find Your Hair’s Sleeping Position

Getting your hairstyles to last more than one day is the goal. Give your curls or straight hair its best shot at making it to day two by working to find your hair’s ideal sleep position.

There are a couple of tried and true methods to make your hairstyles last through a hard night’s sleep:
- get a silk pillowcase
- prevent your hair from getting squished under your head, neck or body.

How you protect your hair overnight can be unique to you, though. Naturally, curly-haired people might reach for a bonnet, while people with naturally straight hair might throw it up in a loose top knot. A great way to start finding this position is to sleep with your hair fanned out above your head!

Pro Tips from CEO Jacynda Smith:

“Stimulate your scalp before bed! Your scalp can carry a lot of tension, and when a scalp is tight, it can hinder hair growth. Slowly pressing your fingertips from your hairline to your crown, spending more time in areas where you feel more tension. It can promote hair growth and release tight muscles that tend to cause wrinkles and sagging skin! You can use your fingers or grab a paddle brush that is clean and dry and gently massage your scalp all over! AND If you’re looking for a repairing overnight mask routine that doesn’t need to be washed out in the morning, look no further. Meet TYMELESS.

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