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The Holiday Look Book

The Holiday Look Book

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Every family does the holidays a little differently, some more dressed up, some in full-on matching PJs. No matter which type of party you’re going to (or how many), these styles will elevate your holiday look. Plus, nothing feels better than looking at pictures and remembering how great you looked and felt! 

Prep Essentials 

#1 Always prep your hair with a strong foundation, especially a thermal protectant. Lucky for you, Limitless Universal Spray gives you ample protection and all the benefits of a texturizer. 

#2 Keep a versatile brush around! Brush each section before you curl to separate the hair strands for smoother curls. We typically reach for the Paddle Brush. 

Voluminous Blowout 

Nothing screams “Rich Aunt Vibes” like walking into the party with a fluffy, full blowout. Grab the BlowBrush and get started by placing your hair over top of the barrel! 

Get the look with the BlowBrush

Classic Curls 

These curls are the fool-proof go-to! Hold your TYME Iron Pro or TYME Iron Air at a vertical position with a 180° wrist rotation and glide through the length of your hair. Easy and gorgeous sounds good to us. ;) 

Get the look with the TYME Iron Pro or TYME Iron Air.

Easy Beach Waves 

Enter the party with a playful energy, thanks to these beach waves! Use your TYME Iron Pro or TYME Iron Air at a vertical angle, and make sure to drop out your ends for a straighter finish. Don’t worry if a piece ends up too curly for your preferences; use the straightening capabilities of the iron, barely close the plates and gently glide over that piece. 

Get the look with the TYME Iron Pro Aura or TYME Iron Air Aura. 

Casual Texture 

We’re obsessed with this look for a Friendsgiving or Cocktail Party! Use your TYME Iron Pro (with the straightener side) or TYME Iron Air and gently rock the iron back and forth. Use your lower layers as test pieces to get the hang of it! 

Get the look with the TYME Iron Pro in Galaxy or the TYME Iron Air in Obsidian. 

Undone Waves 

A gorgeous alternative to a simple, straight style! Use the TYME Iron Air to create gentle waves toward the ends of your hair for a sleek, professional look. 

Get the look with the TYME Iron Air in Ocean Breeze. 

Half Up Looks 

Something about a half-up style gives an instant feel of class. Use a cute hair clip or reach for our favorite Uplift Bands to secure your hair at any of these angles! 

Pro-Tip: These styles are perfect for upscaling day two or three curls! 

Get the look with Uplift Bands. 

Bow Up Do 

Bring a little whimsy back to the holidays! This simple bow tutorial has us channeling our inner child and reaching for something sparkly and a pair of tights to go along with it. 

Get the look with the TYME Iron Pro in Aura and Uplift Bands. 

Loose Curls 

We’re also adding this to our list of date night looks. This style comes together in 10 minutes with the TYME Iron Pro. Hold the iron in a vertical position while curling, and only turn your wrist halfway. Glide the iron through the ends of your hair with a gentle grip, and you’ll be swooning over the results. 

Get the look with the TYME Iron Pro. 

Effortless Glam Waves 

Achieving this look is easier than ever with the TYME Iron Pro. While curling, hold the iron at a horizontal angle and use the full rotation of your wrist. This method will result in bigger peaks and valleys and these virally-desire glam waves. 

Get the look with the TYME Iron Pro. 

Big Curls 

The 90s influence is springing this look back into action! Give your hair a tease at the top, and get started with the TYME Iron Pro! Hold the iron at a 45° angle and rotate your wrist. If you want more defined curls, rotate your wrist more; if you want looser curls, rotate less. 

Get the look with the TYME Iron Pro. 


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