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5 Tips for Amazing Hair all Summer

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Maintaining hair health and moisture can be challenging during the summer months. Pools, heat, and UV exposure can all work against you, so how do you get the most out of your style while still enjoying all summer has to offer? In this article, we will break down 5 tips to keep your locks looking luscious, all while saving you tyme and allowing you to enjoy fun in the sun ;)

Using Products That Keep Moisture in Your Hair

Keeping your hair hydrated is one of the most undervalued aspects of summer styling it will keep your hair performing it’s best. This affects almost every aspect of how your hair performs. From keeping your hair from frizzing in humidity to helping your hair maintain it's style.

It is vital to use products that work to maintain moisture in your hair. The question is how will you know if you are using the right products to hydrate your hair? You will know because your scalp will not be overproducing oil to compensate for the lack of moisture in your hair. Meaning if you have to wash daily or even every other day because it looks or feels oily your products may not be keeping enough moisture in your hair. As a result, your scalp will produce more oil to try and hydrate the hair! Using the right foundational products like Pregame Shampoo and Showoff Conditioner that focus on hair health ensures that even with heat styling your hair will maintain it’s shine without becoming oily for days.

Not Over Drying with Styling Tools

When you dry your hair the right amount it will have a healthy shine without needing products to restore the shine that is often lost by over-drying the hair. Your blow dry time will be faster because it won’t hang onto moisture longer than necessary, and if your hair is thin it will help it feel full and have more volume. If you are using too much heat meaning over drying or overheating your hair you will know because it will lose its shine. The good news is every time you wash your hair you get the opportunity to start over and maintain the shine!

Protecting Your Hair’s Dignity when Faced with Humidity

Using the right shampoo and conditioner can completely change the game when it comes to your hair's reaction to humidity. If you are using a shampoo and conditioner that keeps your hair truly hydrated your hair will perform better in humidity. When hair is naturally curly and dehydrated and is exposed to humidity it will expand and grow bigger, it will do this to pull moisture from the air and absorb the moisture it needs. If your shampoo and conditioner are keeping your hair hydrated your hair will have the moisture it needs so it won’t be over reactive to the water the air provides. The result is shiny healthy hair that will maintain it’s dignity!

Styling Your Hair on a Beach/Pool Day

When you are planning a day by the water, wear your hair as close to its natural state as possible. If your hair is naturally curly enhance the natural curl. If it’s naturally straight, wear it straight. If your hair has natural wave keep loose waves in the style. Wearing it closest to its natural state helps if you get splashed because your hairdo won’t completely fall into chaos! It just may not look as polished. If you’re headed on a vacation and you feel like you have to choose one of these styles because you only want to pack one tool, you’re in luck because all 3 looks can be created with the TYME Iron and it comes with a handy travel heat sleeve so you can even create curls waves or straighten as you’re packing up to leave and can just pop it in your bag right away!

Wearing a Hat with Curls

Loose beach waves are always amazing with a hat on, the soft curls are the perfect feminine touch with any hat. You can create loose beachy waves using the TYME Iron in 5-10 minutes so you don’t have to worry about putting a hat on over curls that took you forever...because they didn’t! ;)

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