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10 Minute Summer Wedding Updo

Brooke with loose back braid

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Updo hairstyles are typically thought as more formal or editorial. We wanted to take the idea of having your hair up for an event but making it fun, flirty, and soft. This is a great style for a summer wedding or even just a date night!

Elements of the Style

  • Soft Curls create movement in the hair.
  • Create Full Bun using hair from ears back.
  • Wrap Bun by twirling bun’s tail and pinning.
  • Soft Twist and petal hair from ears forward, then wrap and pin.
  • Optional to leave soft face frame pieces.



Create movement in the hair by forming soft curls this allows the hair to create a bigger “billow” and bigger silhouette so the round shape of the bun has substance. Soft curls also make the hair that may fall out of the “bun” look organic. Don’t over analyze each curl, this is just to create some texture in your hair before starting the updo.



Using hair from ears back, create a full bun with a medium to long tail. Keep the bun full, but you don’t want a huge loop in the bun so it sags. You can play around with the size of the bun to figure out what looks best with your hair texture and length.



Use the tail to wrap the bun. If you don’t have enough length to do one full wrap, try making the bun smaller and leaving a longer tail.


Using sectioned hair from the ears forward, twist the hair back and wrap and pin as you did with the tail of the bun. “Petal” hair from the twist by pinching and pulling small sections from the twist. Feel free to play around with how much you petal the twist to create a fuller or more defined twist.

If you have face frame pieces you can leave these down to soften the style, or add them into your twist. Play with this style and make it yours! Create this style and tag us on Instagram to be featured!


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