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Five Salon Terms to Learn Before Scheduling Your Next Appointment

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Let’s have a moment for our hairstylists. These incredible people bring an internal version of ourselves to the surface and leave us feeling fabulous. They deserve a national holiday, a cake, presents, the whole nine. Stylists spend years perfecting their craft and are continually educating themselves on the latest trends so that we can stay this gorgeous.

How can we make their lives a little bit easier? By learning their lingo.

The next time you are ready to make a huge life change (a.k.a. cut and/or color), keep these five things in mind when making your appointment.


If you’re looking to take on a significant or first-time change, scheduling a consultation with your stylist will make a massive difference in the results! Your stylist can give you a more exact look into the time and dollar commitment your desired look will take during your consultation. PLUS, a ton of people get anxious when they sit down at the salon and make impulse decisions. These decisions can either teeter toward a stunning new look or...a not-so-great new look. Our suggestion is to schedule a consultation, even if it’s just a phone call.

Low vs. High Maintenance Color

There is a huge difference here, ladies! Knowing the difference in what type of color you want will completely change how to talk to your stylist and your at-home maintenance expectations.

Low Maintenance Color

We love hair color that has depth! If you’re looking to spice your hair up, low maintenance color is a perfect place to start. Keep in mind, your time in the salon will increase with any addition of color. However, your time commitment beyond the salon shouldn’t increase. This color addition should grow out nicely without the addition of color maintenance appointments.

There are two rules of thumb for people looking to add low maintenance color: (one) the color you’re adding should not stray far from your natural locks, and (two) you’re only coloring a fraction of your hair, not all of it.

High Maintenance Color

Don’t let the title intimidate you. We are here for high maintenance color! Platinum blondes, sassy reds, and pastel colors are absolutely stunning, but they do take a touch of extra work (that is every bit worth it). High maintenance colors typically take a few more hours and a few more dollars, but with the right at-home maintenance and regular appointments with your stylist, these looks can stay bold all year long!


The world of highlights has changed a ton in the past decade. We would like to think for the better, but we’ll let future generations decide that! ;) Below are the three most common highlighting techniques and how they differ.

Balayage/Hair Painting

woman with balayage standing with hands behind her head

Say it with us: baa-luh-yaage. Balayage, or hair painting, quickly took over after some “ombre” looks weren’t entirely cutting it. This coloring process takes time (expect 2+ hours) as your stylist is literally painting color onto your hair, but it is oh so worth it. Balayage highlights are typically low maintenance since your roots are untouched and can grow with their natural color. If you’re opting for an ashy tone or bold color, be ready to leave the salon with an extra product or two to keep that color looking fresh.

Babylights/Weave highlights

Babylights are a stunning option when you’re looking to brighten up your overall hair color. They give a touch of dimension without the obviously highlighted look. Don’t be fooled by their low maintenance aesthetic though, babylights take time and precision to get right. If you’re going for an all-over look expect to be in the salon for more than three hours.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to up your current balayage for a spring/summer look, adding babylights is the perfect way to it brighten up!

Face Framing/Money Piece

Face framing highlights are EVERYTHING right now! While some kids on TikTok have taken it to the next level with bold colors, the everyday woman will feel fierce with these highlights. In this process, your stylist will section off along your hairline and use a hair painting technique to brighten these pieces. We suggest sticking to a color just a shade or two brighter than your natural color for an effortless looking pop!

Cut vs a Dusting cut

dusting hair cut

Ladies...let’s give our stylists a break. A cut is a cut. A trim takes the same amount of time and effort as a six-inch chop. We’ve found that typically when someone asks for a trim, they truly want a dusting cut. Typically people in need of a dusting cut love the way their hair is growing and want to keep it healthy. Whereas someone who wants a traditional cut is looking for a change in their look.


Whether it’s no layers, choppy layers, or a full-on shag cut, layers completely change how any hairstyle looks on us. Before you demand graduated layers or a one-length cut, consider asking your stylist for their opinion. Stylists see good, bad, and fabulous hairstyles all day long, so you know that you can trust their judgment. ;) You would be shocked at how different layers can impact your everyday look.

Keep in mind, women with curly hair are looking for a completely different set of layers than women with straight hair!

Now that you have the basics, you can start collecting those inspiration pictures and let your stylist create life-changing looks! For more tips and hair tutorials, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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