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Solutions To Getting Ready When You're Saying "HI" From Home!

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If you’ve been tasked with creating a home office and working there since last March, you KNOW the struggle of getting ready for a zoom meeting...or staying on task...or having kids scream in the house all day long…and the list goes on! While we may be blessed with the opportunity to keep working that doesn’t make turning on the camera for a meeting or virtual happy hour any less of a struggle.

We’ve fallen into a routine of comfortability within our homes, as we should! Sweatpant sales are through the roof and let’s be honest, do any of us really know how to do a full face of make-up still? While this comfortable aesthetic is perfect for those certain coworkers or friends (you know who you are), it isn’t always ideal for a full team zoom call or FaceTime dating.

Our team at TYME compiled a list of easy, go-to hairstyles to get you ready for your virtual events while still working on extending your wash cycle with little to no effort!

The Allstars

These looks are the most low maintenance hairstyles for every hair type that you can throw together for that Zoom meeting you forgot about or that impromptu FaceTime happy hour.

Head(bands) First

While they may seem like a cheap scapegoat, today’s trendiest headbands are an entirely different vibe. These knotted headbands have been duped and recreated by a ton of different companies. Tossing one of these headbands on after giving your hair a brush through or adding a touch of a styling agent (like Upstaged) is the perfect way to give a laid back vibe, but still, extremely put together!

Top Knot-ch

Will a top knot ever go out of style? We pray not! Top knots work for nearly every hair type and medium to long hair. They can be sleek and polished or wild and fun, making them ideal for both a date night or presenting your latest project.

Locked and Low-ded

You can never go wrong with a sleek low bun or ponytail. It’s the ultimate power look! Give yourself a hard part (left, right, or center!) and pull those locks back. This is also a great style to soften up by pulling out a few face-framing pieces!

For Straight Locks

Girl! What a quick brush through can do for you is incredible! We’re jealous. But if you’re looking to give a little extra oomph to your look try these amplifiers:

  • Fishtail braid
  • Give yourself a deep part on the opposite side of where you want your braid to sit and start your fishtail braid at the nape of your neck. These types of braids are so easy to keep sleek and refined or you can add a touch of texture before braiding with a spritz of BigTYME!
  • Bubble Pony
  • These ponytails are SO fun! They can be worn as a high pony look or a twist on a low pulled-together look. No matter where the bubble pony sits, add tons of volume to this look with BigTYME. It will give you the perfect amount of texture to make these bubbles POP!
  • Low and Slow Curls
  • Turn the temperature down on your TYME Iron, add a healthy dose of thermal protectant and curl your hair at a slower-than-normal pace. These curls will not only look flawless but with a touch of hairspray, they will last for days, giving you an advantage on the day!

Wavy Mane

If you have wavy hair EMBRACE IT! There are endless opportunities for your hair type, but we’re obsessing over these:

Play with your part!
  • A wonderful to add a little bit of spice to your look AND extend your wash is to switch up your part! While your hair may fight you on it for a minute or two, keeping one side tucked behind your ear will help manage those stubborn pieces.
Claw Clips
  • Hello, the 90s are calling and they’re coming back in full force. Giant claw clips are finding their way back into our 2021 fashion trends and we’re here for it. We’re talking major Julia Roberts vibes. These giant clips are a low maintenance way of getting all your hair out of your face while still having a pulled-together look.
At-home Blowout.
  • We love a good blowout! When done right, a blowout can add tons of volume to your locks and add day(s) to your wash cycle. Do yourself a favor and start learning to master the art of the blowout!

Curls for Days

Adding an extra day of life to your curls with a generous amount of Upstaged is an easy solution for your curls! But if you’re looking to amp up your aesthetic these tricks are PERFECT for you:

  • Stick a pin in it!
  • Bold clips and barrettes are flooding our Instagram feeds. They are such an easy way to quickly add a ton of flair to your locks!
  • French Braids
  • Sometimes our curls don’t quite wake up with us. Instead of adding a ton of product to perk them back up, go with the flow and let them relax with these easy braids! Finish the braids all the way through or opt for fun space buns to give a dash of sass to your look.

Silky Smooth

While for some of us it may not be a “quick fix,” but straightening our locks adds a ton of other possibilities to day-to-day looks. By turning up the temperature on your TYME Iron, you’ll cut your straightening time immensely AND those straight locks will last even longer!

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