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How-To: 7 Simple Steps To The Perfect Blowout Hairstyle - Part 2

BlowTYME hair dryer laying flat
In Part 1 we taught you how to get the most out of your blowout while keeping your hair healthy in the process. Here in Part 2, we have 7 more tips & tricks for your DIY blowout!

  1. Round Brush Tips: If you blow the heat behind the brush (as you travel down the strand) and create a valley, you will create collapse or make the hair more lean. If you blow dry in the middle/ front of the brush, the hair then runs over the big round part allowing hair to cool in a more full, rounded shape. Items pictured: BlowTYME Hair Dryer and TYME 3-inch Round Hair Brush

  2. Fragile Hair Tips: If you have fine, bleached, or processed hair, the lower the heat and air pressure the better! You can get a lot of bang for your buck out of a lower and cooler setting if you are using the right technique. When you have fragile hair, you can really focus on a good blow dry and then you won’t have to expose your hair to other heat tools until the hair is healthy and less fragile. Remember to keep the shine in your hair to help restore health!

  3. Wavy Hair Tips: In general, medium to high heat works better to reset a shape depending on your skill set with the dryer and the health of your hair. The key is to be precise about your movements and know where to aim your blow dryer in relation to your brush giving your hair the appropriate combination of drying, heating, and cooling! You can also enhance your curl using a diffuser. The diffuser is all about getting the hair in place and drying it with the least amount of movement. The more you move the blow dryer, the more disrupted the curl looks. You can use the diffuser to achieve a less controlled or more controlled curl depending on the look you are going for.
  4. Tips on Tension: The right amount of tension is your friend--you don’t need to have the tension so tight it pulls or tugs, but you do want to have the hair taught on the brush (straight, but not pulling). The more curly your hair is, the more you have to focus on sectioning so you can get close to the scalp to reset the shape from the top of the strand all the way down.

  5. Drying- moisture is what causes natural curl to shape, so if you leave too much moisture in your hair, the natural curl will not reshape or will return to natural curl faster
  6. Heating- if the hair is closer to dry and still has natural curl/wave, you may need to utilize the heat from your blow dryer to reshape the hair
  7. Cooling- Remember--where hair cools is where it stays! The cool shot was invented so that after you heat the hair on a brush, you can then cool it to take on that shape faster. If you love the way a piece is looking when it is warm, allow it to cool in that shape by not displacing it from that shape.
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