2 women sitting on a bench with ice cream and TYME curls

How to Curl Long Hair With Tyme Iron

We get questions all the time in our customer service if the TYME Iron works on long hair. We are here to tell you YES, it does! You curl long hair with the TYME Iron the exact same way you use it on short, or medium length hair. The reason for this is you start at the top of the hair strand and move down, so once you run out of hair is when you stop curling that section. Simple as that. :)

Head over to TYME Iron Beginners Guide: Part 2 to learn how to use the TYME Iron on any hair type and length!

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Please Note: We will be recreating this video and the step-by-step instructions early 2019. Please be sure to sign up for our email, or to check back soon for the updated video and instructions!

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