Woman with white hat and tyme curls Black hair

How to Make Natural Curls to Smooth Wavy Curls with TYME Iron

One of our favorite perks about the TYME Iron is that you can use it on virtually any hair type! When curling with the TYME Iron on naturally curly or wavy hair, there are a few tips and tricks we want to share with you to make sure you achieve the results you want.

Tip 1: Make sure to take vertical sections, and brush through each section before you curl. This will allow your natural curl pattern to stretch out and will allow your hair strand to travel smoothly through the iron.

Tip 2: Hold your section flat like a piece of paper using your index and middle finger. This will ensure that your section stays flat, and doesn’t bunch or twist which could cause some unwanted bumps in your curl.

Tip 3: When you first start curling, touch the guide side (or curved side) of the iron all the way to your scalp and close and rotate right away. This will get rid of any kinks from your natural curl pattern right at the scalp.

Tip 4: Feel free to flip the iron around to the flat iron side to polish your ends if you are not wanting curl all the way to the bottom of your hair and want to achieve a beach wave style.

For the basics of how to use the TYME Iron, head over to TYME Iron: A Quick Look at the Basics Part 2.

Here is an example of a StyleTYME session where Lisa teaches Lindsey how to use the TYME Iron on her naturally curly hair. To schedule your free StyleTYME session, head over to tyme.as.me!

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