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How to Eliminate Frizz & Static Once and for All

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It’s that time of year when the air gets drier and some people start to deal with dry skin, chapped lips and frizz and static in their hair. We just want to start off by saying if you remember one word from this entire post - remember MOISTURE. One of the most important things you can do to help combat frizz and static is to maintain the proper moisture balance in your hair.

It’s actually pretty amazing that, while discussing around the office that a big request for a blog post from our followers was tips and tricks to battle frizz and static, we realized that this is something that no one in our office deals with anymore since we came out with our product line. Here are the top 5 solutions we found for maintaining moisture to eliminate the static blues forever.

5 Ways to Maintain Moisture in Your Hair:
  • Start with the right foundational products. Maintaining proper moisture content in your hair starts with your foundational products, including your shampoo and conditioner. Pregame Shampoo works to keep the cuticle layer healthy which locks in moisture and keeps the hair strand strong. Over time the use of our shampoo will have your hair feeling hydrated, and it will look and feel amazing- with no static! 😉


  • Extend your time between shampoos to maintain your natural oil levels. (Check out our blog post 5 Tips for Oily Hair, for tips and tricks to balance your oil levels.)



  • Thermal protectant will also help maintain the moisture level in your hair by protecting your hair from heat tools. Limitless Universal Spray contains polymers with a very high charge density which allows it to function as an effective anti-static agent without stickiness, greasiness, or build-up problems. It also helps prevent flyaways!

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  • TYMELESS Repair and Shine Spray helps control frizz and static with pro-vitamins which function as hair conditioning agents to provide long-lasting moisture to hair and prevents heat damage due to curling irons and blow dryers. In addition, Baobab Tein helps to protect hair and lock in moisture.


  • Ionic blow dryers, such as BlowTYME Hair Dryer, help reduce frizz and static by separating the water molecules instead of using pure heat to dry your hair. This will cut down the heat damage that can be done with traditional blow dryers.
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